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The Essential Reggae Collection (Part Three) (S.R.R.M CompilationSeries)

This is Part Three of our Essential Reggae Collection, to check out Part One please follow this link:   http://sweetrarereggaemusic.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/the-essential-reggae-collection-srrm.html

Welcome to The Essential Reggae Collection, an exclusive Sweet Rare Reggae Music Compilation Series.

This series will showcase some more familiar artists in Reggae music and offer a brief but essential overview of material and information to serve as a gateway for further exploration.


As most visitors to this site would expect our blog showcases rare, hard-to-find or out-of-print recordings but we have a lot of visitors who are relatively new or inexperienced in the variety and range of music which is filed under the genre of Reggae. It's really to those explorers that these compilations are aimed.

Each "Essential" album posted here will act as a starting point for newcomers to check out material and if they like what they hear we will offer links to further listening and recommended albums to help build their own Reggae collection.

We will focus on the biggest names such as Bob Marley And The Wailers, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Ken Boothe and many others, before moving on to names that might not be as instantly recognizable to those who are just starting out on their Reggae adventure.

We will also cover the many sub-genres of Reggae music including Ska, Rocksteady, Rockers, Dub, Dancehall, Ragga, 2-Tone, Lover's Rock and everything in between.

We hope that these little 1-CD sized compilations will entice people into digging deeper and developing a true love for this rich and historic genre which seems to get so little worldwide exposure.

Enjoy! :-)
Guns Of Navarone - The Essential Skatalites

The Skatalites are a legendary group of Jamaican session musicians who have been pioneers of Ska music ever since it's creation in the early 1960's.

The Skatalites included such wonderful musicians as Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, Roland Alphonso, Lester Sterling, Lloyd Brevett, Jerry Haynes, Jackie Mittoo, Lloyd Knibb, Johnny Moore and Jackie Opel.

Some of the groups earliest recordings were cut at Studio One, there they quickly became the regular in-house session players for many other artists such Delroy Wilson, Desmond Dekker, Lee Perry and The Wailing Wailers.

The Skatalites worked with almost every producer on the island, recording for the likes of Duke Reid, Coxsone Dodd, Prince Buster, Leslie Kong, Sonia Pottinger, Randy Chin and many many others.

By the end of the 1960's most of the group had began working as independent session players and as members of other groups but they would regularly work together and even reform for reunion shows throughout the 70's and 80's.



1) Guns Of Navarone
2) Eastern Standard Time
3) Garden Of Love
4) (Music Is My) Occupation
5) Knock Out Punch
6) Latin Goes Ska
7) Silver Dollar
8) Alley Pang
9) Two For One
10) Nimrod
11) I Should Have Known Better
12) Perhaps
13) Hot Cargo
14) Beardsman Ska
15) Corner Stone
16) Musical Communication
17) Christine Kieler
18) Ska In Vienna Woods
19) Cleopatra
20) Black Sunday
21) Lucky Seven
22) Dick Tracy
23) Don De Lion
24) Ska-Ba
25) Dr. Kildare
26) You Are So Delightful
27) Exodus

Get It Here ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/oRef-Ldkce/TE_-_Skatalites.html

Further Listening:

Top Sounds From Top Deck (1965 - Doctor Bird) - Ska Authentic (1967 - Studio One) - The Skatalite (1969 - Treasure Isle) - Herb Dub Collie Dub (1976 - Jigsaw) - The Legendary Skatalites (1976 - Jam Sounds) - Latin Goes Ska (Live) (1983 - Jump Beat) - With Sly And Robbie And The Taxi Gang (1983 - Vista Sounds) - Return Of The Big Guns (1984 - Island Records) - Scattered Lights (1984 - Synergy) - Celebration Time (1986 - Studio One) - Stretching Out (1986 - ROIR)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Foundation Ska (1997 - Heartbeat) - Lucky Seven (2002 - Proper Records) - Guns Of Navarone: The Best Of (2004 - Trojan) - Anthology (2007 - Primo) - Occupation Ska: The Very Best Of (2009 - Nascente) - Treasure Isle Time (2011 - Kingston Sounds).

Train To Skaville - The Essential Ethiopians
The Ethiopians are a wonderful vocal harmony group who have been active since the early 1960's, rising up during the Ska and Rocksteady era's and continuing strongly into the early Reggae years and beyond.

The group were originally named The Ethiopian Children, fronted by singer Leonard Dillon alongside Wally Booker, Harold Bishop and Neville Duncan.

The Ethiopians quickly became one of the most popular groups in Jamaica and they even broke through into the UK charts with the smash hit single "Train To Skaville". They worked with producers such as Sonia Pottinger, Lee Perry, Carl "JJ" Johnson and Harry Robinson.

Dillon's heavily Rastafarian lyrics would help pave the way for the upcoming Roots scene that would rise in popularity by the mid 1970's and The Ethiopians continued to release high quality material right through the era.

Dillon's unique vocals and the superb musicianship of The Ethiopians has left a legacy that will continue to attract new listeners. Simply one of the greatest exports of Jamaican music.


1) Train To Skaville
2) Hong Kong Flu
3) Knowledge Is Power
4) Mothers Tender Care
5) Band Yu Belly
6) Not Me
7) Free Man
8) Engine 54
9) Things A Get From Bad To Worse
10) Reggie Hit The Town
11) Drop Him
12) Solid As A Rock
13) Wreck It Up
14) Good Ambition
15) The Whip
16) Ding Dong Bell
17) Cut Down
18) It's Impossible
19) Life Is A Funny Thing
20) Woman A Capture Man
21) Condition Bad A Yard
22) Sad News
23) Prophesy
24) Hail Brother Rasta Hail
25) Obeah Book
26) Weekend Cowhead
27) The Selah
28) (Cool It) Amigo
29) Pirate

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/NFuNysSqba/TE_-_Ethiopians.html

Further Listening:

Engine 54 (1968 - Doctor Bird) - Reggae Power (1969 - Trojan) - Slave Call (1977 - Third World) - Let's Ska And Rocksteady (1991 - Jamaican Gold) - Owner Fe De Yard (1994 - Heartbeat)

Other Notable Collections Include:

The Original Reggae Hit Sound (1986 - Trojan) - No Baptism (1991 - Crystal) - The World Goes Ska (1992 - Trojan) - Ska Ville Princess (1999 - Dressed To Kill) - Reggae Hit The Town (2000 - Trojan) - Meet Sir J.J And Friends (2000 - Culture Press) - Anthology 1966-1975 (2001 - Trojan) - Everything Crash: The Best Of (2003 - Trojan) - Train To Skaville: 1966-1969 (2003 - Earmark).

Return Of Django - The Essential Upsetters

The Upsetters were originally known as The Gladdy's All-Stars (led by pianist Gladstone Anderson) before becoming the house band for producer Lee "Scratch" Perry during the mid-1960's.

The Upsetters also included guitarist Alva Lewis, organist Glen Adams and the drum n bass brothers Aston "Family Man" and Carlton Barrett. The group worked extensively with Perry on material throughout the decade whilst also recording for other producers under the name The Hippy Boys.

The Upsetters cut predominantly instrumentals but also provided backing on the enormous amount of recordings by the many collaborators of Perry throughout the 1960's and into the early 1970's.

The group also had chart success in the UK with singles such as "Return Of Django", "Live Injection", "Clint Eastwood" and "Jungle Lion". This period being known as Perry's Spaghetti Western era.

The original incarnation of Perry's Upsetters are undoubtably one of the greatest session groups in Jamaican music, with an immense back catalogue to their credit and some of the most famous rhythms ever created.

By the early 1970's this version of The Upsetters had split when the Barrett Brothers joined Bob Marley's Wailers and Lee Perry created a new Upsetters line up for his future Black Ark studio recordings.

Although a one-disc release could never do them justice we have presented 26 of their most popular tracks from their heyday period of between 1968 and 1972.


1) Return Of Django
2) Dollar In The Teeth (Take II)
3) Clint Eastwood
4) For A Few Dollars More
5) Big John Wayne
6) Man From M15
7) French Connection
8) Bathroom Skank
9) Sign Of The Times (Take VII)
10) Live Injection
11) The Vampire
12) Soulful I
13) Black I.P.A
14) Jungle Lion
15) Kentucky Skank
16) Land Of Kinks
17) The Pillow (Take I)
18) Sipreano
19) Top Secret
20) Dark Moon
21) Waap You Waa
22) Tipper Special
23) Knock Three Times
24) Thunderball
25) Big Noise (Take IV)
26) Night Doctor

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/bZIk7lvPce/TE_-_Upset.html

Further Listening:

Return Of Django (1969 - Trojan) - Clint Eastwood (1970 - Pama) - Many Moods Of The Upsetters (1970 - Pama) - Eastwood Rides Again (1970 - Trojan) - The Good, The Bad And The Upsetters (1970 - Trojan) - Scratch The Upsetters Again (1970 - Trojan) - Double Seven (1973 - Trojan).

Other Notable Collections Include:

The Upsetter Box Set (1985 - Trojan) - Version Like Rain (1989 - Trojan) - Upsetting The Nation (1993 - Trojan) - Upsetters A Go Go (1995 - Heartbeat) - Return Of Django: The Best Of (2002 - Trojan).

Skylarking - The Essential Horace Andy

Horace Andy is one of the great roots artists with a distinctive vocal that makes him one of the most recognised voices in Jamaican music.

Andy's early recordings were for producers Phil Pratt, Coxsone Dodd, Derrick Harriott, Joseph Hoo Kim and Gussie Clarke before he settled in with Bunny Lee for his most successful recording period of the 1970's.

By the end of the decade Andy was working with Everton DaSilva on material that anticipated the rise of Dancehall Reggae, the new style that would become dominant throughout the 1980's.
Andy continued stronger than ever during this period, working with Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes in New York on some excellent albums and singles.

In the 1990's Andy collaborated with UK based artists such as Massive Attack and Mad Professor which raised his profile further and in recent times he continues to release new material, collaborate with the latest artists and tours frequently.


1) Skylarking
2) Please Don't Go
3) See A Man's Face
4) I'll Be Gone
5) Money Money (Roots Of All Evil)
6) Don't Think About Me
7) Just Say Who
8) Holy Mount Zion
9) Let Your Teardrops Fall
10) Zion Gates
11) You Are My Angel
12) Ain't No Sunshine
13) John Saw Them Coming
14) Rain From The Skies
15) Dream Lover
16) (Stop Your) Brutality
17) Delilah
18) Materialist
19) Fever
20) If I
21) Rome
22) Do You Love Reggae Music
23) Cuss Cuss
24) Love Hangover
25) Free Africa
26) Tell Me Why

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/TimKREBvce/TE_-_HAndy.html

Further Listening:

Skylarking (1972 - Studio One) - You Are My Angel (1973 - Trojan) - Get Wise (1974 - Sunshot) - In The Light (1977 - Hungry Town) - In The Light Dub (1977 - Hungry Town) - Natty Dread A Weh She Want (1978 - Stars) - Pure Ranking (1979 - Clocktower) - Showcase (1980 - Tad's) - Exclusively (1982 - Solid Groove) - Dance Hall Style (1982 - Wackies) - Don't Stop (1985 - Island In The Sun) - Confusion (1985 - Music Hawk) - The Big Bad Man (1986 - Rockers Forever) - Haul And Jack Up (1987 - Live And Love) - Everyday People (1987 - Wackies / Tachyon) - Rude Boy (1993 - Shanachie) - Life Is For Living (1995 - Ariwa).

Other Notable Collections Include:

The Best Of (1985 - Culture Press) - Hits From Studio One And More (1995 - Rhino) - The Prime Of Horace Andy (1997 - Music Club) - Mr. Bassie (1998 - Heartbeat) - Feel Good All Over: Anthology 1970-1976 (2002 - Trojan) - The King Tubby Tapes (2002 - Charm).

Lioness On The Rise - The Essential Queen Ifrica

Queen Ifrica is one of the leading female reggae artists of modern times, bringing back the roots and culture of the past in a style relevant to present day dancehall rockers.

Ifrica is the daughter of legendary ska master Derrick Morgan, her music is deeply Rastafarian but she is also known for her skilled deejaying whilst also being a very good singer too.

Ifrica has been active since the late 1990's after breaking out via a number of talent contests and appearances at reggae festivals across Jamaica where she quickly made a name for herself as a blossoming new artist.

In recent times she has signed with VP Records and released her incredble album "Welcome To Montego Bay" which has proved a great success, she has appeared on tours across Europe and North America and many followers of modern reggae music are very eager to hear whats next from this wonderful performer.


1) Lioness On The Rise
2) Welcome To Montego Bay
3) Born Free
4) Make You Rock
5) Times Like These
6) Genocide
7) Below The Waist
8) Breaking Up
9) Goodbye Love
10) Corrupt System
11) Let's Get Silly
12) Randy
13) Natty Fi Grow
14) When Love Comes Knocking
15) The Beat Goes On
16) Keep It To Yourself
17) Sensimina
18) What Is Life
19) Need You
20) Far Away
21) Yesterday

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/T5s5pTq-ce/TE_-_QIfrica.html

Further Listening:

Fyah Muma (2007 - Flames Productions) - Montego Bay (2009 - VP Records)

On My Radio - The Essential Selecter

The Selecter are a Two-Tone Ska revival band from Coventry, England who rose in popularity during the British Ska invasion of the late 1970's alongside groups such as The Specials, Madness, UB40 and The Beat.

The Selecter features female vocalist Pauline Black, songwriter Noel Davies and organist Desmond Brown, their political lyrics and fiery "rude boy" attitude gained them a decent following and the group scored several top forty singles in the UK.

Songs such as "On My Radio", "Three Minute Hero" and "Missing Words" became regular players on British radio and their debut album "Too Much Pressure" reached number 5 on the UK album chart.

The Selecter split in the early 1980's but have regularly reunited for both new recordings and live performances right through the 1990's and 2000's.

In recent times The Selecter have reformed and recorded new material including the album "Subculture" with producer Prince Fatty which appeared in June 2015. The album is an excellent return to form from The Selecter and with new tour dates planned and plenty of promotional appearances recently we will hope for more to come from these British Ska legends.


1) On My Radio
2) Too Much Pressure
3) Celebrate The Bullet
4) Missing Words
5) Box Fresh
6) Long Shot (Bust Me Bet)
7) Deep Water
8) Time Hard
9) Open Goal
10) They Make Me Mad
11) Carry Go Bring Come
12) Murder
13) Tighten Up
14) James Bond
15) Karma
16) Madness {Featuring Prince Buster}
17) Bristol And Miami
18) The Whisper
19) Shaking Up Orange Street
20) Breakdown
21) Washed Up And Left For Dead
22) The Last Tango In Dub

Get It Here  ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/Le45C0GXce/TE_-_Selecter.html

Further Listening:

Too Much Pressure (1980 - Two Tone) - Celebrate The Bullet (1981 - Chrysalis) - Out On The Streets (1992 - Receiver) - The Happy Album (1994 - Demon) - Prime Cuts (1994 - Magnum) - Hairspray (1995 - Triple X) - Pucker! (1995 - Dojo) - Cruel Britannia (1998 - Receiver) - Perform The Trojan Songbook: Vol 1,2,3 (2001 - Trojan) - Made In Britain (2011 - Vocaphone) - String Theory (2013 - Vocaphone) - Subculture (2015 - DMF / Vocaphone).

Other Notable Collections Include:

Selected Selecter Selection (1989 - Chrysalis) - Rare (1994 - Dojo) - Selecterized (1996 - Dojo) - Greatest Hits (1996 - EMI) - The Very Best Of (1997 - Triple X) - The Collection (2001 - Cult Music) - Real To Reel (2003 - Captain Mod) - Selecter Matic (2010 - Secret).

Red, Gold And Green - The Essential I-Roy

I-Roy was part of the original wave of Jamaican Deejay artists whose rose up in the late 1960's and became a prominant part of the 1970's roots reggae scene.

I-Roy, like most of the deejay's of the time, recorded for many of the islands producers and soundsystems including Gussie Clarke, Glen Brown, Lee Perry and Bunny Lee. His debut album "Presenting I-Roy" is considered a classic of the deejay genre.

During the mid 1970's I-Roy engaged in an on-record feud with fellow deejay Prince Jazzbo, this being an early example of the Sound Clash slanging match style that would become a regular feature of the dancehall scenes of the 1980's and 1990's. In reality many of these artists are good friends.

By the late 1970's I-Roy had signed with international label Virgin Records and released many fantastic albums on the labels subsidary 'Frontline' imprint.

I-Roy ranks as one of the greatest deejay artists alongside his peers Big Youth, U-Roy and Dennis Alcapone.


1) Red, Gold And Green
2) The Drifter
3) High Jacking
4) News Carrier
5) Tripe Girl
6) Sister Maggie Breast
7) Dread In The West
8) Natty Don't Run Down Shadow
9) Musical Drum Sound
10) Talking Blues
11) Jah Come Here
12) Don't Touch I Man Dreadlocks
13) London
14) War And Friction
15) That's Prophesy
16) Monkey Fashion
17) Casmas Town
18) Moving On Strong
19) Tonight
20) Tea Pot
21) New York City
22) Rootsman Time
23) Wap-N-Bop-M
24) Union Call

Get It Here   ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/GhUrM1geba/TE_-_IRoy.html

Further Listening:

Presenting I-Roy (1973 - Trojan) - Hell And Sorrow (1973 - Trojan) - Many Moods (1974 - Trojan) - Truths And Rights (1975 - Micron) - Crisus Time (1976 - Virgin) - Musical Shark Attack (1976 - Virgin) - Dread Bald Head (1976 - Klik) - Can't Conquer Rasta (1977 - Justice) - World On Fire (1978 - Frontline) - Heart Of A Lion (1978 - Frontline) - Hotter Yatta (1978 - Harry J) - The Godfather (1978 - Third World) - Cancer (1979 - Frontline) - African Herbsman (1981 - Joe Gibbs).

Other Notable Collections Include:

Crucial Cuts (1983 - Virgin) - Crisus Time: Extra Version (1991 - Frontline) - Black Man Time (1994 - Jamaican Gold) - Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff (Blood And Fire) - Sincerely Yours (1999 - Culture Press) - Touting I Self (2001 - Heartbeat) - Heavier Than Lead (2008 - Kingston Sounds) - The Observer Book Of Roy Samuel Reid (2012 - 17 North Parade).

Baby, I Love Your Way - The Essential Big Mountain

Big Mountain are an American Pop Reggae group who are often considered a "one-hit-wonder" after their cover of Peter Frampton's "Baby, I Love Your Way" became a massive international hit single in the mid-1990's, however the group have continued to release great quality roots reggae ever since.

Big Mountain started out in the late 1980's, originally named Shiloh, and consisted of Joaquin "Quino" McWhinney, Lynn Copeland, Gregory Blakney, Jerome Cruz, Manfred Reinke and Lance Rhodes.

Their debut albums "Californian Reggae" and "Wake Up" were pretty well received among the reggae community in their local area but the line-up had changed by the time their next album was released entitled "Unity" in 1994. This album featured the cover of "Baby I Love Your Way" which was picked up for the soundtrack to the movie "Reality Bites" and became a huge hit reaching number 6 on the US Billboard and number 2 on the UK singles charts.

Big Mountain went on to appear at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica two years running (1994 / 1995) and released 7 decent albums between 1996 and 2002.

By 2005 Big Mountain decided to take a break, having toured extensively for over 10 years to crowds all over the world.

In recent times Big Mountain have reformed with varying line-up changes and continue to release new music and collaborate with their contemporaries including Ziggy and Kymani Marley, Maxi Priset and Beniton The Menace.

1) Baby, I Love Your Way (Radio Version)
2) Fruitful Days
3) Border Town
4) I Would Find A Way
5) Lean On Me (Party Version)
6) Hooligans
7) Resistance
8) Know Your Culture
9) Love Is The Only Way
10) One Small Chance
11) Luckiest Guy In The World
12) The House
13) What You Won't Do For Love
14) Reasons
15) Blue Skies
16) Roots Of The Matter
17) Leap Of Faith
18) Big Mountain
19) Reggae Got Soul {With Beniton The Menace}
20) Young Revolutionaries

Get It Here   ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/DpOjspnFba/TE_-_BMountain.html

Further Listening:

Californian Reggae (1988 - Quality) - Wake Up (1992 - Quality) - Unity (1994 - Giant) - Resistance (1995 - Giant) - Free Up (1997 - Giant) - Things To Come (1999 - Pony Canyon) - Dance Party (2000 - Momentum) - One Love (2001 - Pony Canyon) - Cool Breeze (2002 - Pony Canyon) - New Day (2003 - Rebel Ink)

Other Notable Collections Include:

The Best Of (1998 - Giant) - Reggae Remakes (2003 - Pony Canyon) - Greatest Moments: 1999-2004 (2004 - Pony Canyon) - Versions Undercover (2009 - Pony Canyon).

Life Is Not Easy - The Essential Meditations

The Meditations are a wonderful vocal harmony trio that have been active since the mid 1970's and remain popular on the circuit to this day.

The group is made up of Danny Clarke, Ansel Cridland and Winston Watson, they gained popularity through a string of well received singles before releasing their debut album "Message From The Meditations" in 1977.

The Meditations worked with a variety of producers during the 1970's and 1980's including Dobby Dobson, Lee Perry, Linval Thompson, Lloyd Barnes and Joseph Hoo Kim, they also provided backing vocals for many other artists including Bob Marley And The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Gregory Isaacs and The Congos.

The trio parted ways during the late 1980's but reformed in the early 90's and have remained in close contact ever since, recording new material and touring across the world.

For an in-depth look at the career and music of The Meditations check out our article on the group here:  http://sweetrarereggaemusic.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/sit-down-and-wonder-very-best-of.html


1) Life Is Not Easy
2) Running From Jamaica
3) There Must Be A First Time
4) Much Smarter
5) Rome
6) Turn Me Loose
7) Fly Your Natty Dread
8) Get Off
9) Jungle Feelings
10) Miracles
11) Stranger In Love
12) Take It Easy
13) Re-Bounce
14) Ram Jam Session
15) No More Friend
16) For The Good Of Man
17) Borgeois Game
18) Jailhouse
19) African Connection
20) Never Desert You
21) No Surprises
22) Don't Cry

Get It Here   ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/5zReF-Bsba/TE_-_TMeds.html

Further Listening:

Message From The Meditations (1976 - Double D) - Wake Up (1977 - Sound Proof) - Guidance (1979 - Tad's) - I Love Jah (1983 - Wackie's) - No More Friend (1983 - Greensleeves) - For The Good Of Man (1988 - Heartbeat) - Return Of The Meditations (1993 - Sonic Sounds) - So Far Still Near (1995 - Mighty Dread) - Ghetto Knowledge (1999 - Easy Star) - Stand In Love (2004 - Meditations Music).

Other Notabel Collections Include:

Greatest Hits (1984 - Greensleeves) - 3 The Hard Way (1992 - Sonic Sounds) - Deeper Roots: The Best Of (1994 - Heartbeat) - Reggae Crazy: Anthology 1971-1979 (1997 - Nighthawk).

Sweet Sensation - The Essential Melodians

The Melodians were a Rocksteady era vocal trio consisting of Tony Brevett, Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton.

The trio cut some early material with producers Prince Buster and Coxsone Dodd before moving over to Duke Reid's Treasure Isle set up where they scored a number of minor hits such as "You Have Caught Me", "The Last Train (To Expo 67)" and "I'll Get Along Without You Now".

Soon after they cut two of their best known tunes for producer Sonia Pottinger, "Swing And Dine" and "Little Nut Tree" before dropping the huge single "Rivers Of Babylon" recorded for Leslie Kong.

"Rivers Of Babylon" was a massive success and became an anthem for the Rastafari movement in Jamaica, it was picked up for the movie soundtrack to "The Harder They Come" and is still often covered by many artists.

The Melodians returned to producer Sonia Pottinger for their album "Pre-Meditation" which was recorded at Lee Perry's Black Ark studio and spawned the minor hit "Don't Get Weary" in 1974, later that decade they cut some material with Byron Lee at Dynamic Studio before deciding to go solo.

The Melodians reformed a number of times, notably during the 90's roots revival era and for Rocksteady reunion concerts and many festivals worldwide.

In recent years the groups only surviving member, Tony Brevett, has continued with a new version of The Melodians featuring Taurus Alphonso and Winston Dias. The group continue to record new music and perform live shows.


1) Sweet Sensation
2) It's My Delight
3) The Last Train (To Expo '67)
4) Come On Little Girl
5) I Will Get Along Without You Now
6) Little Nut Tree
7) Round And Round
8) Banana Water
9) Don't Get Weary
10) I'm Gonna Fall In Love
11) Better Days Are Coming
12) Stop Your War Games
13) Rivers Of Babylon
14) Comes And Goes
15) Swing And Dine
16) 400 Years
17) Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
18) Caught Me Baby
19) Get Up And Dance
20) You Don't Need Me
21) Passionate Love
22) Push A Little Harder
23) Down Here In Babylon
24) Irie Feeling

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/gGLAb936ba/TE_-_Melodian.html

Further Listening:

Rivers Of Babylon (1970 - Beverley's) - Sweet Sensation (1977 - Harry J) - Pre-Mediatation (1978 - Sky Note) - Irie Feeling (1983 - RAS) - Live At The Belly Up (2005 - Blank) - Lyrics To Rhythm (2012 - Heavy Beat).

Other Notable Collections Include:

Sweet Sensation (1980 - Island) - Swing And Dine (1992 - Heartbeat) - Rivers Of Babylon: The Best Of 1967-1973 (1997 - Trojan) - Greatest Hits (1998 - Rhino) - Sweet Sensation: The Best Of (2003 - Trojan).

A Place Called Africa - The Essential Junior Byles

Junior Byles started his music career as a member of the vocal group The Versatiles who began recording in the late 1960's, working with producers Lee Perry, Joe Gibbs, Laurel Aitken and Duke Reid.

By the early 1970's Byles was recording as a solo artist for producer Lee Perry and the pair cut some fantastic material over the following few years including such singles as "Beat Down Babylon", "What's The World Coming To?", "King Of Babylon", "Da Da" and "A Place Called Africa".

Byles' debut album "Beat Down Babylon" was a success and along with further hit singles such as "Fever" and "Curley Locks" he had established himself as a major force on the Jamaican music scene resulting in some interest amongst the UK reggae crowds.

Through the remainder of the 1970's Byles began working with other producers including Dudley Swaby, Joseph Hoo Kim, Winston Holness and Pete Weston but poor health resulted in Byles' downward spiral into depression and recordings became less and less frequent by the close of the decade.

Although Byles had attempted a come back many times, recording new material at various points during the 1980's, nothing was breaking him out of the situation he had found himself in and the momentum built with Perry during his heyday of the early 1970's had all but faded by this point and Byles disappeared for much of the 1990's

In recent times, with the reissue of his wonderful back catalogue attracting new fans, Byles has an ever growing fan base and has occassionally recorded new material and performed live in both Jamaica and the UK.


1) A Place Called Africa
2) Coming Again
3) (Festival) Da Da
4) I've Got A Feeling
5) Demonstration
6) Beat Down Babylon
7) Pretty Fe True
8) Fun And Games
9) King Of Babylon
10) Fever
11) Auntie Lulu
12) I Know
13) Curley Locks
14) Education Rock
15) Lorna Banana
16) Mumbling And Grumbling
17) Now Generation
18) Cutting Razor
19) The Long Way
20) Chant Down Babylon
21) Mystic Revelation
22) Ain't Too Proud To Beg
23) Jordan
24) Heart And Soul
25) Rasta No Pickpocket
26) Cally Weed
27) Press Along

Get It Here   ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/cuMI1g6xce/TE_-_JByles.html

Further Listening:

Beat Down Babylon (1972 - Trojan) - Jordan (1976 - Micron) - Rasta No Pickpocket (1986 - Nighthawk)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Beat Down Babylon: The Upsetter Years (1987 - Trojan) - When Will Better Come: 1972-1976 (1988 - Trojan) - Curly Locks: The Best Of Junior Byles And The Upsetters 1970-1976 (1997 - Heartbeat)

Mellow Mood - The Essential Judy Mowatt

Judy Mowatt started out in the female vocal trio The Gaylettes in the late 1960's before joining Bob Marley And The Wailers as a member of the female backing trio The I-Threes alongside Rita Marley and Marcia Griffiths.

Mowatt was with The I-Threes from 1974 right up to the early 1980's, appearing on Marley's albums from "Natty Dread" to "Confrontation", but she also recorded as a solo artist cutting the album "Mellow Mood" in 1975 with backing from The Wailers.

Mowatt's biggest solo success came from the album "Black Woman" released in 1980 which is considered by many as the greatest album by a female reggae artist.

Further albums followed throughout the decade including "Working Wonders", which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1985, and The I-Threes album "Beginning" of 1986.

In 1999 Mowatt was awarded the Order Of Distinction by the Jamaican government for her services to music. As of writing she continues to record and perform.


1) Mellow Mood
2) What An Experience
3) Just A Stranger Here
4) Mr. Big Man
5) The First Cut Is The Deepest
6) Black Woman
7) Down In The Valley
8) Zion Chant
9) Strength To Go Through
10) Many Are Called
11) Sister's Chant
12) Mr. Dee Jay
13) Get Happy
14) Concrete Jungle
15) I Am Not Mechanical
16) On Your Mark
17) You Don't Care
18) Watchdogs
19) Only A Woman
20) Got To Leave The West
21) Think
22) Sing Our Own Song

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/HAo50OV3ce/TE_-_JMowatt.html

Further Listening:

Mellow Mood (1975 - Tuff Gong) - Black Woman (1979 - Island) - Mr. Dee Jay (1981 - Ashandan) - Only A Woman (1982 - Shanachie) - Working Wonders (1985 - Shanachie) - Love Is Overdue (1986 - Shanachie) - Look At Love (1991 - KOCH) - Rock Me (1993 - Pow Wow) - Love (1998 - African Love) - Sing Our Own Song (2003 - Shanachie).

Other Notable Collections Include:

The I-Threes Beginning (1986 - Tuff Gong) - The Gaylettes We Shall Sing 1967-1973 (2001 - Westside) - Something Old, Something New (2002 - Tuff Gong).

Satta Masa Gana - The Essential Abyssinians

The Abyssinians are one of the great roots harmony groups to emerge from the 1970's scene.

The group formed in the very late 1960's comprising brothers Donald and Lynford Manning alongside Bernard Collins, the music they would create over the coming years would be some of the most highly regarded Rastafarian themed recordings to appear from the island.

Songs such as "Satta Masa Gana", "Y Mas Gan" and "Mabrak" had lyrics sung in the ancient Ethiopic Amharic language, whilst other popular singles including "Declaration Of Rights", "African Race" and "Forward On To Zion" established the group as a major force in roots reggae.

The Abyssinians worked with many of the leading producers in Jamaica including Geoffrey Chung, Clive Hunt, Tommy Cowan and Lloyd Daley.

By the 1980's The Abyssinians had a rotating line-up with Collins often being replaced by the third Manning brother Carlton, whilst Collins would make appearances with an alternative version of The Abyssinians of his own creation.

The original line-up of The Abyssinians reunited in 1998 and once again began recording and performing, the resulting album "Reunion" was reasonably successful but the trio split again the following year and Collins once again created an alternative version of the group for his own material.

The Abyssinians have given us some wonderful music over the years which is treasured by their many fans and those with a love of great roots harmony reggae music.


1) Satta Masa Gana
2) Declaration Of Rights
3) The Good Lord
4) Forward Unto Zion
5) Know Jah Today
6) This Land Is For Everyone
7) Dem A Come
8) Let My Days Be Long
9) Abendigo
10) Reason Time
11) Y Mas Gan
12) Meditation
13) Hey You
14) Black Man's Strain
15) I And I
16) South African Enlistment
17) Wicked Men
18) Leggo Beast
19) Peculiar Number
20) There Is No End
21) Jah Love
22) The Mightiest Of All
23) African Race

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/hJ-qmXL9ce/TE_-_Abyss.html

Further Listening:

Satta Amasagana (1975 - Pre-Abyssinian) - Arise (1978 - Tuff Gong) - Forward (1982 - Alligator) - Satta Dub (1998 - Tabou 1) - 19.95+Tax (1996 - Disque Americ) - Reunion (1998 - Artists Only) - Declaration Of Dub (1998 - Heartbeat) - Last Days (1997 - Clinch)

Other Notable Collections Include:

The Best Of The Abyssinians (1994 - Clinch)

Step Right In - The Essential Luciano

Luciano is a wonderful modern day reggae singer who has kept the traditional roots scene alive since his arrival in the early 1990's.

Luciano cut some of his earliest recordings at Aquarius which appeared on the RAS label in the early 90's before he linked up with Freddie McGregor's 'Big Ship' production company.

With 'Big Ship' Luciano concentrated on music of a more spiritual nature, moving away from the love song / slackness vibes that were prevailing in the dancehall during this time.

Luciano, along with artists such as Garnett Silk and Tony Rebel, began what would be known as the "Rasta Renaissance" in reggae, a renewal of Rastafarian influence into modern dancehall culture.

Luciano went on to work with most of the production companies in Jamaica including Phillip Burrell's 'Xterminator', Chris Blackwell's 'Island', The Firehouse Crew, Jet Star and VP Records releasing some fantastic albums and singles throughout the 90's and 2000's.

His album "A New Day" was nominated for a Grammy in 2002 and he was awarded the Order Of Distinction in the rank of Officer on October 15th 2007 in recognition of his contribution to reggae music.

Luciano continues to release music of the upmost quality whilst frequently touring across the world.


1) Step Right In
2) Bounty Lover
3) Lesson Of Life
4) I Will Survive
5) Taking Off
6) Empress Love
7) Neighbourhood Watch
8) Time Is The Master
9) Write My Name
10) Come Away
11) God Is Greater Than Man
12) Be Of Good Courage
13) Long Story
14) Not Easy
15) Come On Over
16) A No Like We No Like Them
17) I Love You Dearly
18) Talk To Me
19) Jah Should
20) When Man On Earth
21) Knockin' On Zion's Door

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/LiWApby-ce/TE_-_Luciano.html

Further Listening:

Moving Up (1993 - RAS) - Shake It Up Tonight (1993 - Big Ship) - One Way Ticket (1994 - VP) - Back To Africa (1994 - Jet Star) - Don't Get Crazy (1994 - Sky High) - After All (1995 - VP) - Messenger (1995 - Xterminator) - Where There Is Life (1995 - Xterminator) - Sweep Over My Soul (1999 - VP) - A New Day (2001 - VP) - Serve Jah (2003 - VP) - Lessons Of Life (2004 - Shanachie) - Child Of A King (2006 - VP) - United States Of Africa (2010 - VP) - The Qabalah Man (2013 - Al-Ta-Fa-An)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Reggae Max (1997 - Jet Star) - Xterminator Presents The Best Of (2002 - Xterminator) - Ultimate Collection (2003 - Hip-O) - Reggae Max Part Two (2004 - Jet Star) - The Best Of (2006 - Penitentary) - Duets (2008 - Charm).

Champion - The Essential Buju Banton

Buju Banton is one of the great roots ragga artists to emerge from the 1990's dancehall reggae scene.

As a youth Buju was known as Gargamel and he began toasting on the soundsystem circuit in his early teens working on Sweet Love and Rambo Mango soundsystems which led to recording sessions with producers Robert Ffrench, Bunny Lee and Winston Riley by the very late 1980's.

Buju really broke through in the 90's with a string of very well received albums released on the Penthouse label with producer Donovan Germain. This success led to him being signed by major label 'Mercury / Polygram' by 1993.

Buju's mixture of ragga dancehall vibes with conscious Rasta themed lyrics set him apart from much of his contemporaries and this was showcased superbly on his 1995 album "'Til Shiloh" which was picked up by Island Records. The album contains some of Buju's most well known songs such as "It's All Over", "Untold Stories", "Champion" and "Hush Baby Hush".

Further excellent albums appeared throughout the remainder of the decade and this continued well into the 2000's, Buju would also frequently collaborate with his fellow reggae artists including Toots Hibbert, Beres Hammond, Wayne Wonder, Morgan Heritage, The Marley Brothers and many many others.

Buju has been nominated for a number of "Best Reggae Album" awards at the Grammys, he eventually won with his 2011 album "Before The Dawn".

Buju is currently serving a ten year prison sentence in the US and is due for release in 2019.


1) Champion
2) Batty Rider
3) Love How The Gal Flex
4) Bonafide Love {With Wayne Wonder}
5) Good Body
6) Love Black Woman
7) Commitment
8) Tribal War
9) A Little More Time {With Beres Hammond}
10) It's All Over
11) Untold Stories
12) Hush Baby Hush
13) Small Axe {With King Stitch}
14) Cry No More
15) Not An Easy Road
16) Waistline
17) We Set The Principal {With Beenie Man}
18) Guns And Bombs
19) Closer {With Marcia Griffiths}
20) Who Have It?
21) Life Is A Journey

Get It Here   ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/expChcCMba/TE-BBanton.html#!

Further Listening:

Mr. Mention (1992 - Penthouse) - Stamina Daddy (1992 - Penthouse) - Voice Of Jamaica (1993 - Mercury) - 'Til Shiloh (1995 - Island) - Inna Heights (1997 - VP) - Small Axe (1998 - CRS) - Unchained Spirit (1999 - Anti Records) - Friends For Life (2003 - Atlantic) - Too Bad (2006 - Gargamel) - Rasta Got Soul (2009 - Gargamel) - Before The Dawn (2010 - Gargamel)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Dubbing With The Banton (2000 - Penthouse) - Ultimate Collection (2001 - Island) - The Early Years 90-95 (2001 - Heartbeat) - The Best Of (2002 - Island) - Buju And Friends (2004 - VP) - The Early Years Vol. 2: The Reality Of Life (2012 - Penthouse).

Destination Africa - The Essential Max Romeo And Friends

Max Romeo is a true legend amongst the reggae community having been recording since the mid 1960's he really peaked during the 1970's roots era and has continued to release wonderful songs to this day.

Romeo started out in the group The Emotions alongside Lloyd Shakespeare and Ken Knight before branching out as a solo artist around 1968 and cutting material for producers Phil Pratt and Lee Perry.

Romeo's big breakthrough came from his single "Wet Dream" which contained some highly suggestive sexual lyrics and saw it being banned from British radio despite reaching the top ten on the UK singles chart. Further "rude-reggae" singles followed such as "Wine Her Goosie" and "Mini-Skirt Vision" leading to the album release "A Dream" on the Trojan label.

Into the 1970's Romeo switched from the slackness style and concentrated on Rasta themed roots reggae which was showcased on his album "Let The Power Fall On I" in 1971. The album also featured some politically charged songs advocating the PNP.

By the mid-70's Romeo returned to producer Lee Perry who was now working from his own Black Ark studio and the pair put together two incredible albums, 1975's "Revelation Time" and 1976's "War Ina Babylon", the latter being picked up by Island Records and going on to become a reggae classic featuring such songs as "One Step Forward", "Sipple Out Deh" and "Chase The Devil".

The remainder of the decade saw Romeo release some self-produced material and after relocating to the US he began a period of collaborations with artists such as The Rolling Stones and working with Bullwackie at his NY studio. He also co-wrote and starred in the musical "Reggae" with Michael Butler.

Romeo continued to release new material sporadically through the 80's and 90's. In more recent times he has begun to focus on the next generation of artists, including his own children, through his Charmax production company.


1) Destination Africa
2) One Step Forward {With Prince Jazzbo}
3) Chase The Devil {With Kamau}
4) War Ina Babylon {With The Viceroys}
5) My Jamaican Herb {With Icho Candy}
6) Beardman Feast {With Little Roy}
7) Fixing A Hole {With Easy Star All-Stars}
8) Maccabee Version {With U-Brown}
9) We Love Jamaica {With Winston Francis}
10) Melt Away {With Jah Shaka}
11) Wha' Yuh Ago Tell Jah Say? {With Brandy}
12) Let The Power Fall On I {With Devon Irons}
13) Nobody's Child {With Sophia Squire}
14) Give To Get {With Jimmy Riley}
15) Wet Dream {With Ruffi-Ann}
16) Three Blind Mice {With Warrior King}
17) Don't Try {With The Firehouse Crew}
18) Watchdogs {With UB40}
19) Rome {With Jah Shaka And The Firehouse Crew}
20) Uptown Babies Don't Cry {With Carl Dawkins}
21) Rasta Pickney {With The Mad Professor}

Get It Here   ---   http://www.4shared.com/zip/VLU0KDUdce/TE_-_MRomeo.html

Further Listening:

A Dream (1969 - Pama) - Let The Power Fall On I (1971 - Dynamic) - Revelation Time (1975 - Tropical Sounds) - War Ina Babylon (1976 - Island) - Reconstruction (1977 - Island) - Holding Out My Love To You (1981 - Shanachie) - I Love My Music (1982 - Solid Groove) - Mek Wi Rock (1983 - Woorell) - Freedom Street (1984 - Island In The Sun) - One Horse Race (1985 - Island In The Sun) - Love Message (1988 - Roots And Culture) - Transition (1989 - Rohit) - Far I Captain Of My Ship (1992 - Jah Shaka) - Selassie I Forever (1998 - Jet Star) - Collision (2001 - Charmax) - A Little Time For Jah (2003 - Mediacom)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Wet Dream (1993 - Crocodisc) - The Many Moods Of (1999 - Dynamite) - Open The Iron Gate: 1973-1977 (1999 - Blood And Fire) - Perilous Times: 1974-1999 (2002 - Charmax) - The Coming Of Jah: Anthology 1967-1976 (2002 - Trojan) - Ultimate Collection (2003 - Island) - Wet Dream: The Best Of (2004 - Trojan) - The Best Of Max Romeo And Friends (2008 - Mediacom).

Carry Go Bring Come - The Essential Justin Hinds And The Dominoes

Justin Hinds And The Dominoes are to Ska music what Bob Marley And The Wailers are to Reggae, easily one of the greatest groups to appear from Jamaica, they recorded around 70 singles for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label between 1964 and 1967.

After being turned down by Coxsone Dodd the group signed with Treasure Isle in 1963 and began their reign on the Jamaican charts with their debut single "Carry Go Bring Come" which stayed at number 1 for over two months, further singles such as "Jump Out Of The Frying Pan", "King Samuel", "Over The River", "Here I Stand", "Jordan River" and "Rub Up Push Up" established the group as one of the leading artists in Jamaica.

As Ska became Rocksteady (and eventually reggae) Justin Hinds And The Dominoes showed no signs of fading, adapting to the new genre with ease and continuing to release high quality material right up to the early 1970's.

During the 70's Hinds would work with producers Jack Ruby and Sonia Pottinger, cutting some highly regarded roots material leading to a stint at Tuff Gong studios in the early 1980's before deciding to take a back seat from the music business and becoming less active.

Hinds would play a minor role in the works of other artists through the 1990's and occassionally performed live shows, including a tour across the US, many of which were captured for live album releases.


1) Carry Go Bring Come
2) Corner Stone
3) Over The River
4) King Samuel
5) Jordan River
6) Satan
7) Jump Out Of The Frying Pan
8) Rub Up Push Up
9) The Ark
10) Here I Stand
11) After A Storm (There Must Be A Calm)
12) Lion Of Judah
13) Why Should I Worry
14) No Good Rudie
15) Save A Bread
16) The Little That You Have
17) Once A Man (Twice A Child)
18) You Should Have Known Better
19) Come Here To Drink Milk
20) Everywhere I Go
21) Hey Mama, Hey Papa
22) Botheration
23) Mighty Redeemer (Part One)
24) Mighty Redeemer (Part Two)
25) Sinners (Where Are You Gonna Hide)
26) If It's Love You Need
27) You Don't Know
28) On The Last Day
29) Oh What A Feeling

Get It Here   ---  http://www.4shared.com/zip/XOZd-BcQba/TE_-_JHTD.html

Further Listening:

From Jamaica With Reggae (1972 - Treasure Isle) - Jezebel (1976 - Island) - Just In Time (1978 - Mango) - Travel With Love (1984 - Nighthawk).

Other Notable Collections Include:

Early Recordings (1991 - Lagoon) - Ska Uprising (1993 - Trojan) - Sinners (1994 - Attack) - Peace And Love (1998 - Trojan) - Corner Stone: The Duke Reid Collection (2000 - Rhino) - Carry Go Bring Come: The Anthology (2005 - Earmark).

Johnny Too Bad - The Essential Slickers

The Slickers are a Rocksteady / Early Reggae era vocal group which comprised a few members of the more established group of the era The Pioneers including brothers Derek and Sydney Crooks, Winston Hewitt, George Agard and Winston Bailey.

The origins of The Slickers can be traced back to the earliest recordings made in Jamaica but the group really began to breakthrough in the mid-60's with a string of singles appearing on Joe Gibbs' labels.

The Slickers major hit came from "Johnny Too Bad" which was included on the soundtrack to the classic Jamaican movie "The Harder They Come" in the early 1970's. The song would become a Reggae standard later covered by the likes of The Rolling Stones, John Martyn, Taj Mahal and UB40.

Further fantastic singles appeared throughout the 1970's as well as the thoroughly enjoyable albums "Many Rivers To Cross" in 1976 and "Breakthrough" in 1978, the latter recorded at Lee Perry's Black Ark studio.

Towards the end of the 1970's The Slickers began to focus their attentions on their work as The Pioneers but the wealth of material released under The Slickers' name will forever maintain the groups legacy as one of the great early reggae outfits.

For an in-depth look at the history and recordings of The Slickers please check out our post here:



1) Johnny Too Bad
2) Run Fattie
3) I Want To Take A Chance
4) Jump Out The Frying Pan
5) Mother Matty
6) Wala Wala
7) Gold On Your Dress
8) Say You
9) Go Back Home
10) You Can't Win
11) Man Beware
12) Coolie Gal
13) Bounce Me Johnny
14) Dread Selassie
15) Ob La Di, Ob La Da
16) Dance Crashers
17) Good Nanny
18) I A Dread
19) Red Gun Court
20) Right On Time
21) Mother And Child Reunion
22) Hang On Sloopy
23) Many Rivers To Cross
24) Must Surrender
25) St. Jago De La Vega
26) Black And White
27) The Time Has Come
28) Cus Cus

Get It Here:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/HXeHpIDOce/TE-TSlick.html#!

Further Listening:

Many Rivers To Cross (1976 - Klik) - Breakthrough (1979 - TAD's)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Johnny Too Bad - The Very Best Of (2013 - SRRM *Unofficial Release*)

One Draw - The Essential Rita Marley

Rita Marley (wife of the legendary Bob Marley) began her music career as part of the all-female rocksteady vocal trio The Soulettes alongside Constantine "Dream" Walker and Marlene "Precious" Gifford in the early 1960's.

The Soulettes had some minor success in Jamaica with singles including "Don't Care What The People Say", "One More Chance" and a cover of The Beatles' "Let It Be", they also provided backing vocals on early singles from The Wailers, Lee Perry and others during this period.

By the mid-1970's Rita Marley became a key part of her husbands' backing group The Wailers providing backing vocals alongside Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt, collectively known as The I-Threes.

In 1980 Rita released her debut solo album "Who Feels It Knows It" on the Tuff Gong label, the album featured the well received singles "One Draw", "A Jah Jah" and "That's The Way (Jah Planned It)".

Since Bob Marley's death in 1981 Rita has continued the Marley Family legacy with further solo albums including "Harambe" (1982), "We Must Carry On" (1991) and "Sunshine After Rain" (2003). Her children (Ziggy, Stephen and Cedella) are also well established Reggae artists in their own right.



1) One Draw
2) That's The Way
3) Good Morning Jah
4) A Jah Jah
5) Who Feels It Knows It
6) Thank You Jah
7) Play Play
8) Easy Sailing
9) The Beauty Of God's Plan
10) Fussing And Fighting
11) Harambe
12) King Street
13) There Will Always Be Music
14) Earth Runnings
15) Serious Time
16) To Love Somebody
17) Just One More Morning
18) So Much Things To Say
19) Jealousy
20) Keep On Pushing

Get It Here   http://www.4shared.com/zip/BsMW6BnPce/TE_-_RMarley.html

Further Listening:

Who Feels It Knows It (1980 - Tuff Gong) - Harambe (1982 - Shanachie) - We Must Carry On (1991 - Shanachie) - Sunshine After Rain (2003 - Charly Records)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Greatest Hits (1993 - Polydor) - Sings Bob Marley...And Friends (2003 - Shanachie) - One Draw (2004 - Gold Box).

Groovin' Out On Life - The Essential Ken Parker

Ken Parker is a wonderful reggae vocalist who started out in the early 1960's and has released some stunning material which has helped establish him as a true gem of the genre.

As a youth Parker sang in church where his Father was a preacher, this eventually led Parker to form the short-lived vocal group The Blues Benders by the early 1960's.

After auditioning for Coxsone Dodd as a soloist Parker was signed to Studio One where he had a run of strong singles such as "Choking Kind, "My Whole World Is Falling Down" and "Run Come".

Later Parker went on to record for producer Duke Reid where he began adapting and blending genres such as Country music and Gospel with a Reggae vibe.

Into the 1970's Parker would continue to release a wealth of great material, working with various producers including Joe Gibbs, Rupie Edwards, Byron Lee and Lloyd Charmers.

After spending time living in both the UK and US during the 1970's (releasing some strong albums on labels such as Trojan and Pisces) Parker started up his own label and production company focusing on Gospel music and taking a back-seat from recording until the 1980's.

Parker eventually settled in Florida where he still records new material and makes appearances on the live circuit including a sold-out performance at the International Ska And Reggae Festival in London, 2014.


1) Groovin' Out On Life
2) How Could I
3) Somebody To Love
4) True, True, True
5) Here I Am
6) It's All Right
7) Sugar Dumpling
8) Kiss An Angel Good Morning
9) A Change Is Gonna Come
10) I Wanna Be Loved
11) Sugar Panty (With Andy Capp)
12) Guilty
13) Only Yesterday
14) I Can't Hide
15) You Better Go
16) The Three Bells
17) Help Me Make It Through The Night
18) I Catch Myself Crying
19) I Should Have Known
20) Will The Circle Be Unbroken
21) Take A Message To Mary
22) Count Your Blessings
23) The Search Is Over
24) My Girl Has Gone
25) What Kind A World
26) Heartbreak Woman
27) I Won't Cry

Get It Here  --   http://www.4shared.com/zip/9DQ_Rrrfba/TE_-_KParker.html

Further Listening:

Keep Your Eyes On Jesus (1972 - Studio One) - Jimmy Brown (1974 - Trojan) - Sacred Songs: I Shall Not Be Moved (1984 - Flames) - Jesus On The Mainline (1985 - Pisces) - A Touch Of Inspiration (1986 - Pisces) - The Key (1990 - Body Music)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Lovers Rock Volume 3: Owen Gray And Ken Parker (1979 - Third World) - A Glint Of Gold (1989 - Pisces) - Rocksteady Greats: Get In The Groove (1996 - Rocky One) - The Best Of: Groovin' In Style 1967-1973 (2003 - Trojan)

Long Shot Kick The Bucket - The Essential Pioneers
The Pioneers became one of the most successful early reggae groups after they scored a number of hit singles in both Jamaica and in the UK throughout the 1960's and early 1970's.

The Pioneers were originally made up of brothers Derrick and Sydney Crooks alongside Winston Hewitt but would later include Jackie Robinson, Glen Adams and George Agard. This revolving line-up also recorded under the name The Slickers.

The group had a string of successful singles towards the end of the 1960's, working with producers Joe Gibbs and Leslie Kong, including "Longshot", "Jackpot", "Let Your Yeah Be Yeah", "Time Hard" and "Starvation". Most of these singles broke into the UK charts and by the early 1970's The Pioneers were one of the most established reggae groups.

Through the 1970's The Pioneers released a string of fantastic albums and later began collaborating with British-based producer Eddy Grant where the group experimented with Soul music whilst also recording on the side as The Slickers.

In the 1980's The Pioneers found a new audience when the UK based Ska-Revival scene appeared and many of the groups singles were covered by these new upstarts. The Pioneers collaborated with many of them on an updated version of "Starvation" including members of The Beat, UB40, Madness and General Public.

In recent times the group continues to record and perform at concerts around the world.


1) Long Shot Kick De Bucket
2) You'll Never Get Away
3) Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
4) Long Shot (Bust Me Bet)
5) Gorgeous And Marvellous
6) Time Hard (Everyday)
7) Battle Of The Giants
8) Jackpot
9) Poor Rameses
10) Give And Take
11) Simmer Down Quashie
12) Starvation
13) Tears On My Pillow
14) Riot Inna Notting Hill
15) Pride And Passion
16) Cherie Cherie
17) You Don't Know Like I Know
18) Lucky Side
19) Get Back
20) I Need Your Sweet Inspiration
21) I Believe In Love
22) Bad To Worse
23) Feeling High
24) Reggae Fever
25) Papa Was A Rolling Stone
26) Goodnight My Love
27) Pusher Man
28) Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/oIzDCMOrba/TE_-_Pioneer.html

Further Listening:

Greetings From The Pioneers (1968 - Amalgamated) - Long Shot (1969 - Trojan) - Battle Of The Giants (1970 - Trojan) - Yeah! (1971 - Trojan) - I Believe In Love (1972 - Trojan) - Freedom Feeling (1973 - Trojan) - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door (1974 - Trojan) - Feel The Rhythm (1976 - Mercury) - Roll On Muddy River (1977 - Trojan) - Pusher Man (1978 - Trojan) - Baby I Love You (1979 - Tabansi) - Reggae For Lovers (1982 - DMC) - Reggae For Lovers: Vol II, III, IV (1983, 1984, 1985 - Vista Sounds)

Further Notable Collections Include:

Greatest Hits (1979 - Trojan) - Longshot Kick De Bucket: The Best Of (1997 - Trojan) - Let Your Yeah Be Yeah: Anthology 1966-1986 (2001 - Trojan) - Give And Take: The Best Of (2002 - Trojan)

Guns Don't Argue - The Essential Dennis Alcapone

Dennis Alcapone is one of the original deejay vocalist who rose up in the late 1960's wave and became one of the most recognisable voices of Jamaican music.

Alcapone started out on the El Paso Sound System which he created alongside his friends and fellow deejays Lizzy and Samuel The First, when El Paso grew in popularity it attracted the attention of producer Keith Hudson with whom the trio recorded their first sessions.

Alcapone, like most of the deejays on the scene, went on to record for nearly every producer on the island including Coxsone Dodd, Duke Reid, Bunny Lee, Prince Buster, Lee Perry, Joe Gibbs and Alvin Ranglin, recording an incredible amount of material and appearing on over 100 singles between 1970 and 1973.

Alcapone's highly distinctive vocal style really helped him stand out amongst the ever-growing deejay scene, his half-singing half-wailing high-pitched vocal would also be an influence on the sing-jay style that became popular in the late 70's.

During the end of the 70's and into the 1980's Alcapone began working on his own productions, working with the likes of Dennis Brown and Augustus Pablo, later becoming less active as a vocalist.

In recent times Alcapone continues to record and collaborate with his comtemporaries including appearances on albums by UK based Pama International whilst touring and performing at festivals and concerts around Europe and North America.


1) Guns Don't Argue
2) My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million Dollars
3) Ital Girl
4) Girl Of My Dreams
5) Don't Rush It
6) King Of Kings
7) Teacher Teacher
8) Jungle Of Crime
9) Wake Up Jamaica
10) Spanish Amigo
11) Majesty In Bed
12) This A Butter
13) Someone Dancing With My Girl
14) Castles And Kings
15) World Wide Love
16) Mava
17) Ripe Cherry
18) Out Of This World
19) Africa Stand
20) Do It
21) Fine Style
22) Go To School
23) Hard Time
24) Sorry Harry
25) I Want A Draw
26) Old King Cole
27) Master Key
28) Freedom Skank

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/wuGNE_kIce/TE_-_DAlcapone.html

Further Listening:

Guns Don't Argue (1971 - Trojan) - Forever Freedom (1971 - Studio One) - King Of The Track (1974 - Magnet) - Belch It Off (1974 - Attack) - Dread Capone (1975 - Live And Love) - Investigator Rock (1977 - Third World) - My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million Dollars (1989 - Trojan) - The Good Old Days Of The 70's (1998 - Teams) - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Mash Up The Dance (2012 - Kingston Sounds)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Ba Ba Ri Ba Skank (1992 - Lagoon) - Universal Rockers (1992 - RAS) - Peace And Love (1995 - Reggae Best) - Musical Liquidator (1995 - Jamaican Gold) - Guns Don't Argue: The Anthology '70-'77 (2005 - Trojan).

Melody Maker - The Essential Keith Hudson

Keith Hudson was a hugely influential and highly regarded musician, producer, singer / songwriter and label owner who started out in the early 1960's, grew in popularity during the 1970's and became an established name throughout the 1980's reggae scenes.

Raised in a musical family and growing up alongside the likes of Bob Marley, Ken Boothe and Delroy Wilson it was always likely that Hudson would eventually enter the blossoming Jamaican music scene of the early 1960's, his earliest attempts were as a musician, a competent player of various instruments most notably the trombone, he was a regular visitor to Coxsone Dodd's Downbeat sound system.

By the mid-60's Hudson had raised enough money to pay for studio time and started up his own label "Imbidmts" which featured singles from Ken Boothe, Dennis Alcapone, U-Roy, Alton Ellis and John Holt amongst many others he produced whilst also including his own vocal and instrumental efforts.

By the 1970's Hudson was working closely with the Soul Syndicate band and he began to focus on his own recordings. His vocals were somewhat limited but were carried over with a distinctive rasp that would become his trademark style.

Some excellent singles and albums appeared throughout the decade, including plenty of  fantastic Dub material that really stands as some of the finest of the era. Productions of other artists slowed down as Hudson focused on his own efforts, spending a lot of time in the UK to capitalise on his steady success.

Further high-quality albums appeared throughout the 1970's and into the 1980's including the classics "Rasta Communication", "Flesh Of My Skin, Blood Of My Blood" and "Playing It Cool" but his career was cut short when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1984 which took his life at the end of the year.


1) Melody Maker
2) Blackbelt Jones
3) Rasta Communication
4) This Happen To Be I
5) Why You Come Out Tonight
6) Rasta Country
7) We Felt The Strain
8) Testing Of My Faith
9) Blood Brother
10) Flesh Of My Skin
11) I Broke The Comb
12) True True (To My Heart)
13) Michael Talbot Affair
14) In The Rain
15) Now That You're Leaving
16) The Darkest Night
17) Turn The Heater On
18) Musicology
19) Don't Act So
20) I Have Faith
21) Depth Charge
22) Nah Skin Up
23) Lost All Sense Of Direction
24) Don't Let The Teardrops Fool You
25) So Cold Without Your Love
26) Torch Of Freedom
27) I Shall Be Released

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/GAXogVeCba/TE_-_KHudson.html

Further Listening:

Imbidimts Furnace (1972 - Imbidimts) - Pick A Dub (1974 - Mamba) - Entering The Dragon (1974 - Magnet) - Torch Of Freedom (1975 - Atra) - Flesh Of My Skin, Blood Of My Blood (1975 - Mamba) - Too Expensive (1976 - Virgin) - Rebel Dub (1976 - Third World) - Brand (1977 - Brand) - Rasta Communication (1978 - Greensleeves) - From One Extreme To Another (1979 - Joint International) - Playing It Cool (1981 - Joint International) - Playing It Right (1981 - Joint International) - Steaming Jungle (1982 - Disc Disk) - Rasta Communication In Dub (2015 - Greensleeves)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Greatest Hits: Part One (1995 - Sky High) - Militant Barry: Green Valley (1979 - Vista Sounds) - The Black Morphologist Of Reggae (1983 - Keja) - Studio Kinda Cloudy: Keith Hudson And Friends (1988 - Trojan) - Shades Of Hudson (1996 - VP) - The Hudson Affair (2004 - Earmark).

Can't Get Enough Of That Reggae Stuff - The Essential Matumbi

Matumbi are one of the top rated British reggae groups who had a run of success through the 1970's and early 1980's.

Matumbi formed in London in the early 1970's and featured guitarist (and later legendary producer) Dennis Bovell alongside Nick Straker, Ted Dixon, Bevin Fagan, Errol Pottinger, Euton Jones and Jah Blake.

In their early years the group would act as the backing band for visiting Jamaican artists as well as the support act which included opening for The Wailers during their tour of 1973.

Matumbi signed with UK based Trojan Records by the mid-70's and released a number of excellent singles including a cover of the Bob Dylan classic "The Man In Me" which became the biggest selling Reggae single of 1976.

By the end of the decade Matumbi's line-up had changed and the remaining members signed with Harvest Records for their debut album "Seven Seals" released in 1978, the same year the group toured as support for Ian Dury And The Blockheads and also recorded a fantastic couple of sets for John Peel's BBC Radio One show.

Their second album "Point Of View" was pretty successful, the title track entering the Top 40 UK Singles Chart in 1979 and further high-quality albums appeared into the early 1980's.

Matumbi eventually disbanded by the mid-80's with most of the band members moving on to other solo projects but they have left us with some truly enjoyable British Reggae. Check it out.


1) Can't Get Enough Of That Reggae Stuff
2) Law Of The Land
3) Brother Louie
4) The Man In Me
5) Can't Satisfy
6) Take It From Me
7) Chatty Chatty
8) After Tonight
9) Raindrops Falling
10) Music In The Air
11) Wishing On A Star
12) Guide Us Jah
13) Ten Green Bottles
14) Bluebeat And Ska
15) Hook Deh
16) Time For Loving
17) Come With Me
18) I Will Never Let You Down
19) Point Of View

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/AqhSY-lxce/TE_-_Matumbi.html

Further Listening:

Seven Seals (1978 - Harvest) - Point Of View (1979 - EMI) - Dub Planet Orbit 1 (1980 - Extinguish) - Matumbi (1981 - EMI) - Testify (1982 - Solid Groove)

Other Notable Collections Include:

The Best Of (1977 - Trojan) - Empire Road: The Best Of (2001 - EMI) - Music In The Air (2003 - Trojan).

A Message To You, Rudy - The Essential Dandy Livingstone
Dandy Livingstone is a reggae singer and producer best known for his recordings of the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Dandy had moved to England by his late teens and he began singing with his friend Tito "Sugar" Simon who formed the duo of Sugar And Dandy, the pair had a minor hit with the song "What A Life" in the mid-60's.

Dandy later signed with the UK based Ska Beat Records label who released his debut album "Rocksteady With Dandy" in 1968, he then began producing material by other UK based reggae artists including Nicky Thomas, Tony Tribe, The Marvels and Audrey Hall.

Dandy's first big hit was the song "A Message To You, Rudy" which featured trombonist Rico Rodriguez, this was followed up by the even bigger hit "Suzanne Beware Of The Devil" which climbed up to number 14 on the UK singles chart in 1972.

Dandy released further albums through the 1970's via the Trojan label who created the subsidiary 'Down Town' and 'J-Dan' imprints for Dandy's productions. After a brief spell back in Jamaica he returned to England where he continued to record and perform throughout the decade.

Dandy continues to perform live concerts, appears at festivals and other reggae events across the UK.


1) A Message To You, Rudy
2) Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
3) Reggae In Your Jeggae
4) (People Get Ready) Let's Do Rocksteady
5) Think About That
6) Take A Message To Maria
7) Build Your Love On A Solid Foundation
8) Yesterday
9) What Do You Want
10) Raining In My Heart
11) Come Back Liza
12) Doctor Sure Shot
13) East Of Suez
14) Right On Brother
15) I'm Your Puppet
16) Caribbean Rock
17) Donkey Returns
18) Same Old Fashioned Way
19) Morning Side Of The Mountain
20) Move Your Mule
21) People Get Ready
22) Jungle Walk
23) Salt Of The Earth
24) Trouble In Town
25) Big City

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/eNjDeeSfba/TE-DLivingston.html#!

Further Listening:

Rock Steady With Dandy (1967 - Giant) - Dandy Returns (1968 - Trojan) - Your Musical Doctor (1969 - Down Town) - Dandy Livingstone (1972 - Trpjan) - Conscious (1973 - Mooncrest) - The South African Experiment (1978 - Night Owl) - Doo Wop Style (1979 - Mint Of Music)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Suzanne Beware Of The Devil: The Best Of (2002 - Trojan) - Let's Catch The Beat: The Music That Launched The Legend (2003 - Trojan) - Classic Tracks (2004 - Classic Tracks).

Cool Pon Your Corner - The Essential Barry Brown

Barry Brown was a highly regarded roots singer who rose to prominance during the early dancehall scene after he began working with producer Bunny Lee.

Brown started working the sound system circuit in the mid 1970's, alongside Rod Taylor and Johnny Lee the trio formed the short-lived group The Aliens before going solo, Brown's first single "Girl You're Always On My Mind" was fairly well received and led to further recording sessions.

Brown worked with many of the producers of the time including Niney The Observer, Henry "Junjo" Lawes, Sugar Minott and Linval Thompson, he also released many self-produced tracks but some his best known work was recorded for Bunny Lee.

After a string of great albums released between 1979 and 1985 Brown slowed down as reggae entered the digital era of the mid-1980's, taking a back seat and focusing on studio duties.

Brown made occassional live appearances throughout the 1990's but by early 2000's he was not a well man, his health had long been deteriorating due to asthma and substance abuse issues which took their toll and he died in 2004.

The quality and quantity of the music Barry Brown has left us ensures he will not be forgotten.


1) Cool Pon Your Corner
2) Selah (Enter The Kingdom Of Zion)
3) Politician
4) Give Another Israel A Try
5) Mr. C.I.D.
6) Mafia
7) Let's Go To The Blues
8) Protect Them
9) Your Love Is Real
10) Pollution
11) Sweet Sixteen
12) Living As A Brother
13) I Can't Hide
14) Jah Love
15) Youthman
16) Can't Live Like This
17) Them A Come
18) Give Thanks
19) A Helping Hand
20) True Love
21) Step It Up
22) Jah Jah Children

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/r7exd2wlce/TE_-_BBrown.html

Further Listening:

Step It Up Youthman (1979 - Paradise) - Super Star (1979 - Puff) - Showcase: Prince Jammy (1980 - Jammy's) - I'm Not So Lucky (1980 - Black Roots) - Showcase (1980 - Micron) - Mafia (1980 - State Line) - Cool Pon Your Corner (1980 - Trojan) - Far East (1981 - J And J) - Vibes (1981 - Gorgon) - Barry (1983 - Vista Sounds) - I'm Still Waiting (1983 - Rocktone International) - Right Now (1984 - Time) - Same Sound (1991 - Chart Street)

Other Notable Collections Include:

The Best Of (1984 - Cultural Press) - Love And Protection (1996 - Prestige) - The Best Of (2000 - 3 Kings) - Reggae Heights (2001 - Mafia And Fluxy) - King Jammy Presents (2002 - Black Arrow) - Steppin' Up Dub Wise (2003 - Jamaican) - Rich Man Poor Man 1978-1980 (2003 - Moll-Selekta) - Let's Go To The Blues (2009 - Kingston Sounds).

Here I Am - The Essential Sanchez

Sanchez is a reggae vocalist who gained popularity through a string of dancehall hits and collaborations in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Sanchez began singing at an early age in his local church choir in Saint Catherine, Jamaica. As a teen he began getting involved in the sound system circuit where he eventually became a selector for the Rambo Mambo sound system.

Sanchez recorded his earliest material for producer Red Man which resulted in the hit single "Lady In Red" and a flow of chart success soon followed, by the late 1980's Sanchez was one of the most popular vocalists in Jamaica, his appearance at Reggae Sunsplash in 1988 resulted in six encores.

Sanchez went on to cut more incredibly well-received singles for producers such as King Jammy, Winston Riley, Phillip "Fatis" Burrell, Bobby Digital and Donovan Germaine, a string of albums appeared throughout the 1990's which established his rank amongst the finest of the time.

In 2000 his album "Simply Being Me" reached number 14 on the US Billboard Reggae Charts and this was followed by "Stays On My Mind" which climbed even higher to number 9.

Although Sanchez had a reputation of mainly recording cover versions he later adapted and blended Gospel themes into his music towards the end of the 90's, a theme he has continued to incorporate.

Sanchez continues to record and perform whilst also working as a produer to up and coming artists in both Jamaica and the US.


1) Here I Am
2) Can We Talk
3) Brown Eye Girl
4) Working My Way Back To You
5) Love Is A Funny Feeling
6) One In A Million
7) Baby I Need You
8) Searching {With Bounty Killer}
9) Jah Promise
10) You're Gonna Lose
11) Always Be True To You
12) Unchained Melody
13) Over You
14) Something Something
15) I Shall Be Released
16) My Ebony Eyes
17) Day And Night
18) El Paso
19) Hurt
20) Frenzy
21) My Saviour {With Andrew Genius}

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/FowSQpmLce/TE_-_Sanchez.html

Further Listening:

The Sweetest Girl (1988 - Dennis Star) - Wild Sanchez (1988 - Greensleeves) - Loneliness (1988 - Techniques) - Sanchez (1988 - Vena) - Number One (1989 - RAS) - In Fine Syle (1990 - Exterminator) - Number One Dub (1990 - ROIR) - I Can't Wait (1991 - Jet Star) - The One For Me (1992 - VP) - Bring Back The Love (1992 - VP) - Tell It Like It Is (1992 - VP) - Boom Boom Bye Bye (1993 - Greensleeves) - Can We Talk (1994 - Greensleeves) - Missing You (1994 - VP) - Here I Am (1995 - VP) - Brown Eye Girl (1995 - J And J) - Praise Him (1995 - VP) - Forever (1995 - Exterminator) - Who Is This Man (1999 - VP) - Simply Being Me (2000 - VP) - Stays On My Mind (2002 - VP) - Love You More (2011 - VP)

Other Notable Collections Include:

One In A Million: The Best Of (1997 - VP) - Reggae Max (2000 - VP) - Back At One: The Best Of (2001 - VP) - Reggae Legends Box Set (2009 - VP).

Silly Games - The Essential Janet Kay

Janet Kay is the leading lady of British Lover's Rock Reggae who made a breakthrough in the late 1970's.

Janet Kay was born in London, England and her talents as a singer were discovered by Aswad's Tony "Gad" Robinson who encouraged her to meet the legendary Alton Ellis who had been living in London and was actively recording new talent.

Kay recorded "That's What Friends Are For" and a cover of Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You" which became a hit on the UK Reggae scene and led to sessions with producer Dennis Bovell with whom she recorded "Silly Games".

"Silly Games" became a huge hit across Europe and reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart in 1979, it led to appearances on BBC's Top Of The Pops television show and an album entitled "Capricorn Woman" soon followed.

Kay continued recording throughout the 1980's whilst also branching out as an actress appearing on the Channel 4 show "No Problem" from 1983 to 1985.

In the early 1990's she collaborated with reggae legend Dennis Brown on the album "The Closer I Get To You".

Kay has a huge following in Japan where she has released many albums, she continues to record and perform shows.


1) Silly Games
2) Feel No Way
3) Imagine That
4) I'm Still In Love With You
5) Rock The Rhythm
6) Closer To You
7) That Night
8) Do You Love Me
9) Can't Give It Up
10) Lovin' You
11) Almaz
12) Since I Fell For You
13) Moving Away
14) Bad Bad Girl
15) For The Good Times
16) He Reminds Me
17) So Good, So Right
18) I Want To Be The One
19) Show Me The Way
20) Imagine

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/fRCbHxXIce/TE_-_JKay.html

Further Listening:

Capricorn Woman (1982 - Solid Groove) - So Amazing (1988 - Body Music) - Sweet Surrender (1990 - Body Music) - Dub Dem Silly (1993 - Jimco) - The Closer I Get To You (1993 - Alpha Enterprises) - Love You Always (1993 - Sony) - Love Songs (1993 - Jimco) - For The Love Of You (1994 - Sony) - Making History (1998 - Sony) - Now And Then (2001 - E1)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Lovin' You: The Best Of (1991 - Sony) - Through The Years: Greatest Hits And More (1999 - SME) - The Ultimate Collection (2005 - Arawak).

Here Come The Kings - The Essential Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage are a reggae band made up of the children of reggae legend Denroy Morgan. The group have enjoyed a run of success since their first appearance around 1994.

The group is made up of Peetah, Una, Nakhamya "Lukes", Memmalatel "Mojo" and Roy "Gramps" Morgan all of which are children of Denroy Morgan who were raised in the US. They made there first official performance at Reggae Sunsplash in 1994 and were quickly signed by MCA Records for their debut album "Miracles".

The group then relocated to Jamaica to record their second album "Protect Us Jah" which was produced by Bobby Dixon and Lloyd James. The album was a great success and led to further releases including "One Calling" and "Don't Haffi Dread". By the end of the decade Morgan Heritage were a firm favourite amongst reggae fans in Jamaica and in the US.

Throughout the 2000's the group continued to release great quality modern roots reggae, a bunch of albums appeared and they toured extensively worldwide.

The members of Morgan Heritage are also well established in their own right as individual solo artists and have a wide ranging collection of work between them but they continue to reunite as a band on frequent occassions and have collaborated with many of their contemporaries in modern reggae music.


1) Here Come The Kings
2) Protect Us Jah
3) Mount Zion
4) Don't Haffi Dread
5) One Day
6) What Man Can Say
7) The Lion Sleeps Tonight
8) Let's Make Up
9) Wall Of Babylon
10) Hail Up The King
11) Down By The River
12) Why Dem Come Around
13)We Are Warriors {With Bobby Lee}
14) She's Still Loving Me
15) I'm Coming Home
16) What's Going On
17) Your Best Friend
18) Brooklyn And Jamaica
19) Massive Rock
20) Nothing To Smile About
21) Jump Around (Single Remix)

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/OdnQ6Cl5ce/TE_-_MHeritage.html

Further Listening:

Miracles (1994 - MCA) - Protect Us Jah (1997 - VP) - One Calling (1997 - VP) - Don't Haffi Dread (1999 - Jet Star) - More Teachings (2001 - Heartbeat) - Three In One (2003 - VP) - Full Circle (2005 - VP) - Mission In Progress (2008 - VP) - Here Come The Kings (2013 - VP) - Strictly Roots (2015 - CTBC Music)

Other Notable Collections Include:

Live In Europe (2000 - Heartbeat) - Live Another Rockaz Moment (2006 - VP) - The Journey Thus Far (2009 - VP)

I've Got A Feeling - The Essential Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek is a reggae singer / songwriter and guitarist from Nigeria who really made waves across Africa and gained international fame towards the end of the 1980's.

Fashek began singing in the choir of his local church, whilst there he also learned to play the trumpet and the guitar, later he would compose songs for the choir.

In the early 1980's he joined the group Jastix who became the house band for the television show "Music Panorama" which aired on NTA Benin, the group also toured alongside fellow African Reggae group The Mandators and worked as session musicians for reggae singer Edi Rasta.

In 1988 Fashek embarked on a solo career, signing with Tabansi Records where he released his debut album "Prisoner Of Conscience", the album was a huge success and the massive hit single "Send Down The Rain" established Fashek as the leading reggae artist in Nigeria.

In 1989 Fashek won four PMAN Awards including "Song Of The Year", "Album Of The Year" and "Best Reggae Artist", that same year he released the album "I And I Experience".

Into the 1990's and Fashek released further albums for labels including CBS Nigeria, Interscope and Island subsidiary Mango, he collaborated with artists such as Tracy Chapman, Jimmy Cliff, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg and Little Steven Van Zandt and appeared on American television show "Late Night With David Letterman". In 1997 he recorded the album "Rainmaker" which appeared on the Tuff Gong label.

Fashek continues to record and perform although it has been reported recently that he has been battling depression and drug addiction and is currently (September 2015) recovering in a rehabilitation centre in Abju, Nigeria.


1) I've Got A Feeling
2) Mr. Morning
3) Kpangolo
4) Majek Beware
5) Promised Land
6) African Unity
7) Religion Is Politics
8) I Wanna Know
9) Majek Fashek In A New York
10) Hotel California
11) I Come From The Ghetto
12) Prostitute Destitute
13) I'm Not Tired
14) Send Down The Rain

Get It Here  --  http://www.4shared.com/zip/Ncp1dpEBce/TE_-_MFashek.html

Further Listening:

Prisoner Of Conscience (1988 - Tabansi) - I And I Experience (1989 - Tabansi) - So Long Too Long (1990 - CBS Nigeria) - Spirit Of Love (1990 - Interscope) - The Best Of Majek Fashek (1994 - Flame Tree) - Rainmaker (1997 - Tuff Gong) - Little Patience (2004 - Coral).


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