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Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volumes 36 - 39)

Greetings and welcome to Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volumes 36 to 39).

For those who follow this series you may have noticed that Volumes 32 to 35 have only recently been made available, this was due to an error on our part and we didn't realise they hadn't been published!

So after sorting that minor issue out we can finally give you this excellent set of editions to what has been an epic compilation series thus far, enjoy  :-)

Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 36)

1) Lee "Scratch" Perry - I Am A Dreadlocks
2) The Kings - Talk Of The Town
3) Leroy Smart - Judge No Man
4) Junior Byles - Beat Down Comrade Man
5) Lloyd Young - Righteous One (Disco Mix)
6) Winston Palmer - Godfather
7) Freddie McKay - Sunny Sunday Morning
8) Trinity - The Book Of Roots (Disco Mix)
9) Judy And Bolivar - Man A Skanker
10) Prince Pompadoe - Dip Them Bedward
11) I Roy And Prince Far I - Jazzbo Have Fe Run
12) Augustus Pablo - Celestial Vision
13) Max Romeo - The Book Of Life
14) Ron Wilson - Rat Poison
15) Jah Ford - Oh Jah
16) Vivian And Cynthia - Everlasting Love (Disco Mix)
17) Annette Clarke - I Want To Be Free
18) Tesfa McDonald - On To The North
19) Prince Jazzbo - Triblies A Boy
20) Tafari Syndicate - Got To Be Free

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Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 37)

1) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Righteous Oily
2) Dr. Alimantado - Jah Have Mercy
3) The Ethiopians - Prophesy
4) Bobby Floyd - Sound Doctor
5) Dillinger - Doctor Skank
6) The Silvertones - Financial Crisis
7) Tinga Stewart And Hux Brown - Smiling Faces
8) King Iwah - Give Me Power Version
9) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Cold Weather
10) Chenley Duffus - To Be A Lover
11) Bunny And Ricky - Bush Weed Corn Trash
12) Count Sticky - To Hell And Back
13) Vivian And Cynthia - Burning Fire
14) Josh Bailey And The Revealers - I Am Coming Home (Disco Mix)
15) Jah Lion - King Of Kings
16) The Melodians - Round And Round
17) Lloyd Parks - Professor Ironside
18) Jimmy Riley - Darkness In The City
19) Jah T - Grandfather Land
20) Bunny Rugs - Move Out Of My Way (7'' Single Mix)
21) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Dreadlock Talking
22) The Melodians - Don't Get Weary
23) Reggie Lewis - Natty Natty

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 Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 38)

1) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Bionic Rats (12'' Single Mix)
2) Junior Murvin - Easy Task
3) Lion Zion - Arise America
4) Max Romeo - Fire Fe The Vatican
5) George Faith - Diana
6) The Congos - Don't Blame It On I
7) The Heptones - Make Up Your Mind
8) Bree Daniels - Oh Me Oh My
9) The Jolly Brothers - Right Before My Eyes
10) Leo Graham - Voodooism
11) Bobby Floyd - Rainbow Skies
12) I Kong - Sinner Man
13) The Roots - Mash Down
14) The Congos - At The Feast Of The Passover
15) Winston Heywood And The Hombres - Africa
16) Jah Lion - Generation From Creation
17) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Curly Locks
18) The Heptones - I Shall Be Released
19) Earl Sixteen - Stepping On

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 Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 39)

1) The Silvertones - Rejoice Jah Jah Children (Dub Plate Mix)
2) The Gatherers - Words Of My Mouth (7'' Single Mix)
3) Carlton Jackson - History (12'' Single Mix)
4) Max Romeo - Smile Out A Style
5) Jah Lion - Bad Luck Natty
6) Lion Zion - Reggae In America
7) Prince Jazzbo - Blood Dunza
8) Bunny Rugs - Be Thankful (7'' Single Mix)
9) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Why Must I?
10) Max Romeo - Smokey Room
11) Dennis Brown - Wolf And Leopard (12'' Single Mix)
12) Bob Marley And The Wailers - Smile Jamaica (12'' Single Mix)
13) Lee "Scratch" Perry And Full Experience - When You Walk
14) Full Experience - Glory Glory
15) George Faith - Turn Back The Hands Of Time
16) Jah Woosh - Music
17) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Rainbow Throne
18) The Blue Bells - Come Along (7'' Single Mix)
19) Danny Clarke - No Run It Down (Alternative Mix)
20) Lee "Scratch" Perry And The Upsetters - The Lion

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So that's your lot for now but rest assured that we have more to come in this series!  (In fact between me and you, volumes 40 through 48 are well underway as we speak! ;-)

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Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volumes 32 - 35)

It's the return of Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980, our unique compilation series continues as we present volumes 32 to 35, each packed with more obscure and amazing recordings from Lee Perry's studio.

In fact these volumes were completed some time ago but for unknown reasons they didn't make an appearance on the blog and it's only because we began working on volumes 36 onwards that we noticed this error!!

Anyway, better late than never as they say, enjoy  :-)

Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 32)

1) Lee "Scratch" Perry & Full Experience - Dyon Anaswa
2) Peter And Paul Lewis - Ethiopian Land
3) Junior Ainsworth - Thanks And Praise
4) Prince Pompadoe - Life In Jamaica
5) The Diamonds - Talk About It (7'' Single Mix)
6) U Roy And The Children - Yama Khy
7) Ras Keatus I - Dread Locks I (7'' Single Mix)
8) Brother Hood - African Freedom
9) Dillinger - Obeah Bath
10) Danny Hensworth - Mr. Money Man
11) Lord Sassafrass - Green Bay Incident
12) Junior Murvin - Lucifer
13) Errol Walker - John Public
14) Knowledge - Sentry
15) Junior Ross And The Spear - You Can't Run
16) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Evil Tongues
17) Watty And Tony - Rise And Shine
18) The Jolly Brothers - Cool Down
19) Native - Late September In May
20) Johnny Lover - Who You Gonna Run To?

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Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 33)

1) Dr. Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town
2) Little Roy - Tribal War (7'' Single Mix)
3) Nedley Seymour And The Nature Riser - Do Good
4) The Flames - Water Your Garden
5) Leo Graham - News Flash
6) Lee "Scratch" Perry And The Upsetters - Bury The Razor
7) Chenley Duffus - At The End Of The Rainbow
8) Junior Byles - The King Of Babylon
9) Levern And Royell - Show Us The Way
10) Bunny Ruggs - To Love Somebody (7'' Single Mix)
11) Susan Cadogan - Lay Down
12) Prince Jazzbo - Live Good Today
13) Clinton Fearon - Togetherness
14) Time Unlimited - Staring
15) Keith Poppin - Be Prepared
16) Gregory Isaacs - Jailer Jailer (Bring Me Water)
17) Prince Tallis And Challis - He Who Feels It
18) The Melodians - I'm Gonna Fall In Love
19) The Righteous Flames - One Love One Heart
20) Time Unlimited - Judgement

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Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 34)

1) The Heptones - Sufferer's Time (Album Version)
2) Max Romeo - Norman The Gambler
3) Rajah Ruffin - Street Walking
4) The Armaggedeons - Nuh Fe Run It Down
5) Lion Zion - Beautiful Day
6) Dillinger - Count Shelly With Electric Belly
7) The Upsetter Revue - Set Up Yourself
8) Shuamark And Robinson - Shoulder To The Wheel
9) Jah Lion - Roaring Lion
10) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Throw Some Water In
11) Full Experience - At Midnight
12) Earl Sixteen - Freedom
13) The Slickers - Run Come
14) The Jolly Brothers - Oppression
15) James Boom - Psalm 20
16) Twin Roots - Never Know Love
17) Mikey Dread - Dread At The Mantrols
18) The Armaggedeons - Take Heed
19) Mystic I - Forward With Love
20) Junior Murvin - Philistines On The Land

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Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volume 35)

1) Max Romeo - One Step Forward (12'' Single Mix)
2) George Faith - I've Got The Groove
3) Devon Irons - When Jah Come (Alternative Mix)
4) Junior Murvin - I Was Appointed (Alternative Mix)
5) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Babylon A Fall
6) The Meditations - Life Is Not Easy
7) Junior Delgado - Sons Of Slaves (7'' Single Mix)
8) Shuamark And Robinson - Weak Heart Feel It
9) I Kong - Life's Road
10) Lord Creator - Such Is Life
11) Jah Lion - Colombia Colly
12) Lee "Scratch" Perry And Full Experience - Tell Me Something Good
13) Shuamark And Robinson - Peace And Love
14) Mystic I - Elaine
15) Mikey Dread - School Girls
16) Sharon Isaacs - Feelings
17) The Congos - Solid Foundation (12'' Single Mix)
18) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Free Up The Prisoners (7'' Single Mix)

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Major Blog Updates - Summer 2016

Greetings :-)

We have been pretty busy recently doing some major improvements on each and every article here on Sweet Rare Reggae Music.

From adding additional tracks, improving sound quality and enhancing our articles with new information, pictures and videos, each and every post has been carefully looked over and given a new link for the upgraded files.

Below you will find information about what has changed with each article along with links to each one for quick and easy access.

We thank everyone who follows our blog, we appreciate your comments, suggestions and requests, we hope these new updates will replace the previously available editions in your own collections and we look forward to presenting some new articles very soon.

One Love  :-)

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Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Unreleased Studio Sessions 1972 - 1980  
This wonderful collection now has some additional songs, improved sound quality and remains a crucial exploration of Marley's studio sessions from his years with Island Records.

Discs 1 - 5:

Discs 6 - 10:

   Black Ark Music 1973 - 1980 (Volumes 1 - 48)
   The ever expanding Black Ark Music series has reached an incredible 48 Volumes!!
These incredible sounds from Lee "Scratch" Perry's legendary Jamaican recording studio rank amongst some of the rarest material on offer here at Sweet Rare Reggae Music and also the most popular, confirming the continued interest in this extraordinary era of Perry's career.

Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:
Vol. 4:
Vol. 5:
Vol. 6:
Vol. 7:
Vol. 8:
Vol. 9:
Vol 10:
Vol. 11:
Vol. 12:
Vol. 13:
The Man Ezeke Sunshine Show - BBC Sessions  
Many Reggae fans in the UK have fond memories of The Man Ezeke whose Sunshine Show was broadcast on BBC Radio during the 1990's. These recordings were rescued from cassette tapes and have improved sound quality. A great piece of nostalgia and we would still be interested in finding more recordings, so if anybody else has some old tapes then please get in touch :-)

Reggae Around The World

A nice little collection of Reggae music performed by artists from around the world proving how this Jamaican born genre has inspired people of all nations and languages to create Reggae of their own.
Now with greatly improved sound quality and a second volume coming soon.

Jah Lance & Island Glo (Showcase)  

A showcase album of material by the unsigned UK based group Island Glo fronted by Jamaican singer / songwriter Lance Mundle. This collection of studio recordings and demo's now has improved sound quality.

News Flash - The Very Best Of Leo Graham And The Bleechers  
It's been a few years since we first posted this collection of work from the brilliant Leo Graham and still there remains no official compilation of his material. This has been a hugely popular release on Sweet Rare Reggae Music, it's now expanded over three discs with additional rarities and is a personal highlight that we are very proud to present.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Acoustic Sessions
This collection of rare acoustic material was gathered from a number of bootleg tapes that have been circulating online for many years, it features some of Marley's famous hits alongside unreleased material with simple acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Junior Murvin - Cross Over (1978)  
The late great Junior Murvin recorded these sessions at Lee Perry's Black Ark between 1977 and 1978 for inclusion on his follow-up to the incredible "Police And Thieves" album. The project was never officially released but these tracks appeared on various singles in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

The Labour Of Love Box Set  

In the very late 1990's and into the early 2000's Trojan Records released a series of excellent box sets, one of which was entitled "Trojan Originals Box Set" which featured a number of early Reggae songs that had been covered by British Reggae group UB40. We expanded on that idea with this collection which features pretty much everything that had been reinvented by UB40 throughout the '80's, '90's and 2000's in their "Labour Of Love" series by a wide variety of artists from areas including Ska, Rocksteady, early Reggae and Roots. This collection has been heavily expanded to include original Jamaican versions of songs covered on UB40's most recent albums and also songs covered by former lead singer Ali Campbell on his own solo releases.

The Congos - Heart Of The Congos (Original 'Black Art' First Edition) (1977)

The super rare 'Black Art' label first edition of the epic debut album from The Congos, recorded at The Black Ark and produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry, this album has become legendary. This first mix of "Heart Of The Congos" is noticeably different from the second mix which had greater exposure after being picked up by various labels outside of Jamaica.

We have now expanded this release to include the second mix of the album which was released on the 'Go-Feet' label in 1978 and also the definitive edition which was released on 'Blood + Fire" in 1996, we have also added an additional disc of material cut during the same sessions.

The Congos - Heart Of The Congos (The Definitive Collection):
'Black Art' Original First Edition 1977:!
'Go-Feet' Second Mix 1978:!
Deluxe Edition 1996 / 2016:!
Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Dub Sessions 1972 - 1992  

An excellent selection of dub mixes that draws from Marley's most familiar material of the 1970's and early 1980's. The vast majority of this remains unofficially released which is just bizarre!
This collection has been heavily expanded to five discs, it also has greatly improved sound quality and is a must for all Bob Marley And The Wailers listeners.

Ripe Cherry '92


A classic one-riddim set from the early 1990's that is based entirely on Eric Donaldson's massive hit single "Cherry Oh Baby" and features many top DJ's and singers from the era. This album features additional songs and improved sound quality.

The Black Ark Revisited - A Tribute Album  


A compilation of material that had originally been recorded at The Black Ark and was later re-recorded or covered in the years after the studio's destruction, it features many key artists who recorded at the Ark alongside modern day singers and of course Mr. Perry himself.

Penthouse Presents One Riddim - On The Move  
Another classic early 90's One Riddim album which this time focuses on Chaka Demus' "On The Move" rhythm (also known as the "Pon Mi Nozzle" rhythm), which is based around the Gospel favourite "Troubles And Trials". It again features many top artists of the era.

Bullwackie's All-Stars - Free For All (1973)  

A classic early Dub album that was predominantly recorded at The Black Ark before finalising at Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes studio in New York. Physical copies remain highly sort after!

Lion Zion - Reggae In America (1976)


The mysterious Lion Zion, who recorded this album with Lee "Scratch" Perry at the Black Ark during it's height of activities, unbelievably still remains unknown, no re-issue since it's original release in the U.S. on the just as mysterious 'House Of Natty' label in 1976. It remains an essential piece of Black Ark history and is such a wonderful album overall. Highly recommended!

Martha Velez - Escape From Babylon (1976)  

An interesting album from Martha Velez who recorded this in Jamaica with Bob Marley and Lee Perry in 1976, backing is provided by The Wailers with The I-Threes on harmonies. It has some excellent moments and is certainly worth a listen.

Turn And Fire - Upsetter Disco Dub (1989)  

One of two albums put out by the 'Anachron' label in 1989, this one contains some obscure Disco Dub mixes of material cut at The Black Ark by the likes of The Heptones, Max Romeo and Jah Lion.!

The Slickers - Breakthrough (Deluxe Edition) (1978)  

The Slickers with their powerful late 70's album that was recorded at The Black Ark before being mixed further elsewhere, it was highly sort after for many years before it's much needed re-issue in the early 2000's.

This Deluxe Edition features the Disco Mixes that appeared on the original 1978 release as well as singles, dubs and rarities from the sessions.! 

The Jolly Brothers - Conscious Man (Deluxe Edition) (1978)  

A gem of an album from The Jolly Brothers that was recorded at The Black Ark deep into 1978 when things were turning dark, you could say that this one was produced by Pipecock Jackxon! This Deluxe Edition has addition songs including dubs and single mixes. Wonderful Roots!!

Earl Sixteen - Phoenix Of Peace (Special Edition)  

An album that appeared in 1993 which finds Earl Sixteen recording new vocals over original Black Ark rhythms. This Special Edition adds the recordings Earl actually did record at the Ark with Lee Perry during the late 1970's and the original Dub rhythms. A nice set.!

Scratch And The Upsetters - Magnetic Mirror Master Mix (1989)  

The second of the albums released by 'Anachron' in 1989 as mentioned above ("Upsetter Disco Dub"), this one was highly sort after for many years until much of it appeared on the excellent 'Pressure Sounds' compilation "Voodooism".  

Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus - Love Thy Neighbour (Full Length Edition) (1979)  

One of the final full albums recorded at The Black Ark before it's destruction was this Nyabinghi Roots epic from Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus. It's dark and brooding yet positive and uplifting, a masterpiece of Rastafarian drum based Roots. This edition contains all of songs from the sessions that appeared on the various issues of the album that have been released over the years.!  

Lee Perry Presents Megaton Dub (Parts I & II) (1979)  

The classic double-edition of Lee Perry's Megaton Dub which features some marvellous Dub versions to songs recorded during the very late 1970's at The Black Ark. Crucial!!!  

Johnny Too Bad - The Very Best Of The Slickers  

A brilliant two-disc round up of singles and rarities from The Pioneers' off-shoot group who are best remembered for their massive hit "Johnny Too Bad", an album that starts off during the Jamaican Rhythm and Blues era before touching upon Ska, Rocksteady, early Reggae and Roots.
This collection now has additional material and improved sound quality.!  

Lloyd Charmers And The Hippy Boys - House In Session (1970)  

An album that was (and still is) extremely hard to find in physical form, "House In Session" finds Lloyd Charmers directing what is essentially The Upsetters on some typically quirky instrumentals.  

George Faith - To Be A Lover (Deluxe Edition) (1977)

George Faith's classic Black Ark recorded album that was released on Island Records subsidiary label 'Black Swan' in 1977, it had previously been released in Jamaica as "Super Eight" with an alternate mix and running order. This Deluxe Edition adds further Black Ark material and Dub mixes, the sound has been greatly improved also.

Mikey Dread Presents The Reel To Reel (Dubmobile) (1986)

A circulating bootleg album that rounds up some of the late great Mikey Dread's UK productions of the mid-1980's featuring artists such as Pato Banton and UB40. Research suggests that this album was never officially released and this collection is simply made up of existing material that appeared on singles and b-sides from the era. However it remains an interesting listen.!

Native - Rockstone (1979)

Another obscure album from the darkest depths of The Black Ark studio, Wayne Jobson (Native)  gives a reasonably decent performance over some of the wildest and innovative rhythms Lee Perry was creating during the studios final few years. This edition features additional tracks from the sessions and dub mixes.!

The Wailers - Singles And Rarities 1962 - 1970 (The Early Years)  

This epic and definitive collection of The Wailers earliest material from their beginnings at Studio One during the early to late 1960's touches upon a wide range of styles with Marley, Tosh and Livingston sharing vocal duties with former Wailers Junior Braithwaite and Vision Walker. The group incorporate Ska, Rocksteady, Gospel and Jamaican R&B along the way to becoming the global icons of Reggae music later on in their career.

This collection now has many additional tracks and much improved sound quality, it remains a crucial reminder of how this group persevered through the ever-changing Jamaican musical landscape to become the legends we know and love today.

The Wailers - Singles And Rarities 1970 - 1972 (The Breakthrough Years)

Following on directly from the previous collection this one picks up as The Wailers entered the early Reggae scene of 1970, initially working with producer Leslie Kong before cutting some of the finest material of their career with Lee "Scratch" Perry. These are wonderful recordings that not only showcase The Wailers ever-improving vocal style and songwriting abilities but also highlights the evolving sound of Reggae music spearheaded by Perry and The Upsetters session musicians.

This collection now has many additional songs and improved sound quality. Essential!!

The Wailers - Singles And Rarities 1972 - 1982 (The Island Years)  

The third part of our "Singles And Rarities" collection finds The Wailers entering the international stage after signing with Island Records in 1972, the era that features the most well-known material by the group but also sees the departure of original members Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston in 1974.
After re-grouping The Wailers added the vocal backing of The I-Threes (Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths) and continued to take Reggae music on a global journey into the early 1980's.

This collection now has many additional tracks and much improved sound quality.

The Wailers Singles & Rarities The Island Years (Part One):

The Wailers Singles & Rarities The Island Years (Part Two):!

The Wailers - Singles And Rarities 1982 - 2012 (The Remixes)  
After the tragic death of Bob Marley in 1981 The Wailers released their final album entitled "Confrontation" which featured the massive hit single "Buffalo Soldier". This was followed by the greatest hits compilation "Legend" which remains one of the biggest selling albums worldwide. Since then many remixes of Marley's recordings have continued to appear such as the 1992 hit single "Iron Lion Zion", 1995's "Keep On Moving", 2001's "I Know A Place" and 2005's "Slogans".

This collection rounds up some of the best posthumous releases including many chart hits such as Funkstar De Luxe's "Sun Is Shining", the Lauryn Hill duet on "Turn Your Lights Down Low" and many other officially endorsed remixes. It also features songs from The Original Wailers reunion album from 1986 entitled "The Never Ending Wailers", the project featured Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and Junior Braithwaite with Bob Marley's vocals taken from previously unreleased sessions from the early 1970's.!

The Upsetters - Scratch The Super Ape (1976)  
The original Jamaican version of the album Island Records would later release as "Super Ape" in 1976, this first edition has an alternate mix and tracklisting that many listeners much prefer. The songs seems to flow better in this order and the vocals are much clearer. An essential album in whichever form you pick up, it's a Dub masterpiece from Perry and his Upsetters.!

The Groove Master - Prince Tony Robinson Productions  

This wonderful six-disc collection of productions from Prince Tony Robinson gathers songs from his various label imprints such as 'Groove Master', 'High School' and international releases via the Virgin Records subsidiary 'Front Line'. There are some killer cuts here from the likes of The Gladiators, U-Roy, Big Youth, Ranking Joe, Barrington Spence, Gregory Isaacs and many many others.
This collection now has additional tracks and greatly improved sound quality.!
The Heptones - Party Time (Deluxe Edition) (1976)  

The Heptones stunning album "Party Time" was recorded at The Black Ark with Lee "Scratch" Perry at the pinnacle of it's mid-1970's sound, it remains one of the groups biggest selling albums and a definitive high-point of Perry's productions of this era.

This Deluxe Edition expands the album over four discs, the first containing the original Jamaican album, the second rounds up various singles and album sessions from the era, the third offers up some epic Disco Mixes and DJ versions and the fourth features many of the songs in Dub.!

The Naturalites - Picture On The Wall (1985)  
The Naturalites debut album "Picture On The Wall" from 1985 is a fine example of Great British Reggae music, the title track was a huge hit on the scene and remains a firm favourite amongst fans.

Taxman - Fatal Attraction  
A collection of obscure singles and b-sides from UK based singer Taxman from the late 1980's and 1990's. Taxman is best remembered for his hit single "Fatal Attraction" and his production work for the 'Stush Records' label. This collection now has additional songs and dub versions, expanding it over two discs with much improved sound quality.!

Willie Lindo - It's Not Too Late (1977) & Tuned In Reggae (1980)  
A double hit from legendary session guitarist Willie Lindo, these are two very nice instrumental Reggae albums as Lindo and other session players including Bobby Ellis, Vin Gordon, Ansel Collins and Dean Fraser play through a number of popular hit singles of the era.!

Bound In Chains - The Very Best Of The Clarendonians  
This is a beautiful collection of material from the hugely underrated Rocksteady trio The Clarendonians. So many great singles on this one which covers the groups early Ska output and their many successes of the mid to late 1960's and also features some of their 1970's releases and more recent reunion sessions. Highly recommended!!!

The Black Lion - The Very Best Of Jah Lloyd  
Another fantastic collection this time focusing on the incredible work of deejay Jah Lloyd (aka Jah Lion). From his earliest cuts of the mid-1970's right through his wonderful career that continued well into the mid-1980's this is a crucial selection of tracks from one of the greatest pioneering deejay's.

Man Of Dignity - The Very Best Of Roman Stewart  
A very nice collection dedicated to the late, great Roman Stewart, a hugely underrated artist as demonstrated by the songs found on this four disc set that covers his entire career from the 1970's and into the early 2000's. Well worth a look!!

The Crystalites (1974)  
The Crystalites, a Jamaican session group that worked mainly with Derrick Harriott, deliver this fine album of Reggae instrumentals during the early 1970's. Remastered from original Jamaican vinyl.!

The Kingstonians - Sufferer (1970)

A classic LP from The Kingstonians backed by the previously mentioned Crystalites and produced by Derrick Harriott it contains the groups huge hit "Singer Man" amongst 11 other great cuts.

Ram Goat Liver - The Very Best Of Pluto Shervington
   Another underrated artist with a wonderful back catalogue of material that is explored on this collection, Pluto Shervington is just a delight and definitely worth checking out!!


Lacksley Castell - The Collection 1978 - 1983
Lacksley Castell had a tragically short career but the music he left behind reminds us of his brilliance. This collection features his two studio albums along with their dub counterparts and an exclusive set of rare singles and dubs. Nothing less than crucial!!

The Naturalites - Marvellous (1987)
After the popularity and interest we received after posting The Naturalites debut album "Picture On The Wall" we decided to follow up with their second LP "Marvellous" of 1987, it's another wonderful example of the Reggae being created by West Indians living in Great Britain.!

Sit Down And Reason - The Very Best Of The Meditations  
One of the great three-part-harmony trio's, The Meditations, who appeared in the mid-1970's and have continued to release strong material into recent times. This collection spans the groups entire career and features many of the groups many hit singles. Great stuff!!!

Augustus Pablo Meets The Upsetter At The Black Ark
No it's not that infamous bootleg album! This is a genuine collection of songs from the legendary Augustus Pablo that he cut at Lee Perry's Black Ark studio between 1974 and 1978. Incredible!!

Jah Guidance - Henry "Junjo" Lawes Productions  
Henry "Junjo" Lawes was producer at Channel One during it's most creative period, with engineer Scientist and session players The Roots Radics, the music collected here is some of the finest Reggae music imaginable with every big name artist of the 1980's and early 90's popping up along the way.
This one is essential!!
Part 1:!

Part 2:!

Part 3:!

The Ultimate Prince Buster Collection  

Two epic sets that celebrate Ska legend Prince Buster, "A Blue Beat On Orange Street" focuses on Buster's own releases whilst "The Voice Of The People" gathers up some of his excellent productions. The Blue-Beat King has such a fantastic catalogue and the cream of his recordings can be found right here. Phenomenal!!


The Essential Reggae Collection  
Our exclusive collection of individual "Essential Reggae" albums that each celebrate a particular artist or group, this expanding collection highlights artists with a single disc set of their best work that will hopefully open the door to further exploration. Check them out!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:


Junior Byles And The Versatiles - Anthology  
The tragic figure of Junior Byles provides the back-drop to this wonderful collection of songs, another hugely underrated artist with a back-catalogue that rivals many from his era. This is a massive highlight of our blog, such fantastic recordings and a must for all listeners!

Intelligent Diplomat - The Peter Tosh Anthology
From his beginnings as a member of The Wailers alongside Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston right through to his international success with Rolling Stone Records this collection has it all. Plenty of rarities, singles, b-sides and incredible live performances are collected here in this exclusive package.

  Parts 1 - 6:

  Parts 7 - 12:

  Parts 13 - 18:

  Parts 19 - 24:

The Upsetter 1963 - 1967: The Birth Of King Perry  
The first part of our extensive look into the career of Lee "Scratch" Perry explores his beginnings at Studio One during the birth of Ska music in Jamaica, working alongside Coxsone Dodd and his session players The Skatalites. This is where Perry learned his trade and encountered many of the artists he would produce himself just a few years later. A great introduction!!

The Upsetter 1968 - 1969: I Am The Upsetter  
The second part in our Upsetter anthology finds Perry branching out on his own with some of his earliest productions, featuring the likes of The Versatiles, The Mellotones, Burt Walters, The Ethiopians and The Inspirations among many others. This is where things start heating up!! 


So that brings us all up to date with every post and article here on Sweet Rare Reggae Music with the exception of "The Merry Reggae Christmas Collection" which is still receiving sound upgrades and will be available just in time for the festive season of 2016.

You might also notice the missing companion series "Black Ark Music In Dub 1973 - 1980" which is also receiving a tune-up and will be made available again very soon.

There was a handful of posts that we removed for various reasons over the years, some might recall the Jamaican versions of three particularly well-known albums that we posted and the in-depth article on a female Lover's Rock favourite who started out at The Black Ark with Mr. Perry. It's a shame but we have to respect these decisions.

We have some excellent new articles coming up very soon including the continuation of The Upsetter series, an in-depth look at the career of Bunny Wailer and much, much more.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for visiting our little blog, the comments and well-wishing emails are always very much appreciated and we look forward to presenting our new articles in the future  :-)

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